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Introduction. Hello, everyone. Not sure if I belong here but I recently started checking out more LHP stuff lately and have been drawn to the non-judeochristian takes on it so I figured I'd give this place a try. I tend to be middle path, not out of philosophy, but because that's just how I want to do things for now. I'm really just after knowledge, wisdom, and self transformation. I don't know the end goal.

My magical practices are as a Thelemite, Odian in Stephen Flowers' tradition, and Chaos Magician.

September 14, 2017, 07:14:35 am
Re: Do you like Halloween? Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays since a kid. I love everything about it. The fall, decorations, costumes, the traditions and their roots such as jack-o-lanterns, horror movies, the theatrical haunted houses. I always go all out for it in some way.

Having just go into the occult a few years ago, I haven't really been able to mix it with my pratice in any significant way other than dabbling in in some shadow work last year. This is the time I often began to start celebrating for Fall and Halloween due to my fanatacism but I have lost track of time due to college. However, my recent occult research has taken me to a darker side of things and it may be beneficial to consider the timing.

September 15, 2017, 12:31:11 am
Re: It's time for Halloween video games I still need to play Soma and Phantasmagoria. If you like old point and click horror games, you NEED to play Harvester. It's hilarious and weird and dark. It was made as a commentary on the violent videogame outburst but was delayed and missed the relevant timing. It's looked back as a really weird part of adventure gaming that we don't talk about it.

As for me, I am thinking about re-downloading Skyrim and playing it with some black metal blaring to celebrate fall but I am definitely gonna try to finally get around to finishing Resident Evil 7 and viritual reality and fixing my headset enough to get Paranormal Activity's  VR game to work.

I have finished my collection of the first 4 silent hill games so gonna have to play one of them. I'd have to restart 2 from the beginning which is ugh so I'm considering 4.

September 15, 2017, 12:35:42 am
Re: What are your beliefs about Satan? I am personally not a fan of judeo-christian mythology or imagery beyond the bare minimum is included in Thelema and even then I used it as a road map for reference for various other practices and workings when possible. I feel that Deities/Egregors can be changed by how they are percieved and I could never trust the traditional Christian world view. Maybe Gnosticism but I don't see them having a positive view on Satan at all either. So, I like the Archetype, distrust the Satan and Christian forms of it.

I prefer to study the darker aspects mythology or more preferrably my own willpower and my own shadow. At least this you can trust the dark tricksters to not be trustworthy and often have their own ends. Their deciets are well recorded due to their egotistical nature whereas the Christian Prometheus is known for being ominous and mysterious which is part of his appeal. You could lump Hekate into the dangerous to try to read because of their mysteries as well but even Hekate had to make her power and style immortalized in MacBeth.

Of course, this doesn't mean Satan isn't useful. It can be useful for transgressing any Christian fears or taboos left in your or as a measure to see how much Christian doctrine you still have in your subconcious effecting you. There's also a great argument that due to the uprise of Satanism, Luciferianism, the memes about Satan being a good guy of the bible from athiests, and so on he's been broken free from Christian mold to be more true to his original Promethean nature.

September 15, 2017, 12:56:23 am
Ego disolution to strengthen the ego. Many dichotomies based on old myth are Christianized perspectives or Christian influenced perspectives interpreting something completely foriegn to that world view. I can point to various instances of ego disolution leading to self deification or at the very least being a tool you can apply to either path. This is esentially related to rebirth, not a cosmic level, but within yourself in your own life time.

The first I would mention would be Crowley's Thelema. It is obviously very focused on Ego disolution to the point that you most throw it away to cross the abyss. One of the Angels Crowley communicated with is recorded in a Thelemic Holy Book as intructing the way to enlightenment being to use both marriages. Thelema puts strong emphasis on Antinomianism both to separate yourself from your culture and your own ego but also to strengthen your own ego. Many interpret the HGA to be a perfect future self communicating with you from the now. This inherently implies that it still has a sense of self. It is a belief in Thelema that those who cross the abyss take their places as stars. This obviously invokes not only the "every man and woman is a star" but the solar myth of the Osirian cult. I know a lot of people on here are Temple of Set but there is evidence in the original myth that Set is not evil but just another force. In the conclusion of the myth, Horus and Set are given equal share of the land. If it was not for Set, Osiris never would have been deified. Set was also sometimes seen as the God of the foriegners. Osiris was the pharoah in the afterlife and Horus the pharoah in life. Through conflict and reconcilation adversity(Set), they would become deified. The stars mentioned by Crowley are simply deified. Thelemites also belive that they should embrace the material world as Nuit.

 This points me to Norse Myth feauturing Odin, Loki, and Raganorok. Much like Horus and Set, Odin and Loki can be seen as adversaries who share much in common in their behavior at times. I'd argue that Horus is a trickster deity to some extent if you read on his contests with Set.  Two of Odin's most distinguishable features are his many feats of self-sacrifice and his self deification. Odin was not born a God of wisdom. He had to earn it. He removed an eye to drink from a well of wisdom, hung from the tree sacrificing himself to himself to learn the rune work, and sacrificed his reputation to learn womanly magic. However, Odin did not choose to disolve into the all and came Ragnarok, he fought for the existence of the material world and his existence against the anti-cosmic ice gaints. Odin was not the originaly Cheiftan of the Aeisir. In fact, the Greco-Romans associated Odin with Hermes. He was esentially a Promethean Trickster God who's lust for knowledge strengthened himself to the All-Father. Odin has many roles and has somewhere around 50 names describing his various aspect. The moral in Odin's story is that sometimes to deify yourself, old selfs must be shed. This does not prevent self-deification but can help to accelerate it. This both discards your weakness but also allows you to play multiple roles such as Loki the shapeshifter who's various changes furthered his will and immersing yourself to master them. At the end of the day, Loki as the catalyst for change brings about Ragnarok and the world ends. However, any portral of a Revelations type event is the fault of Snorri's christian influences. The important part is the the world starts over anew. On both macrocosmic and microcosmic levels, disolution is not permanent. In fact, Helheim is much like normal life in mythology. It is simply a chance to begin anew.

For this practical use, I point to chaos magick paradigms. The best chaos magician to ever live, in my opinion, was David Bowie and he prepared for his death with a ritual that deified him into a Blackstar. See the aforementioned paragaph by Thelema. By learning to deconstruct himself and reconstruct himself by will alone, Bowie was able to self deify. This is the path of a chaos magician. To learn to play many roles in life as Odin did. It is not enough to simply play them but to master them. You can not master a role if you do not immerse yourself completely. Chaos Magick's greatest strength is not it's personal style or simplification but the true meaning of belief as a tool. Is there any better banishing then killing your identity as an occultist and learning to live as an Athiest and truly believing? In doing so, you see how you can latch on to negative traits. Intrusive thoughts, a need to believe in a higher power. You can kill the weakness that is not a master of your own reality. Once you have mastered your will as an atheist, you then completely kill that self and embrace a new identity. Play a rebel, a cynic, a romantic, a pagan, a atheist, a stoic, and so on. Peter J Carrol said the clearest view is from a pile of your dead selves. However, our examination of mythology shows that the end is not really the end. They still live on in some form. Once you have mastered these personalites, you are now in control of them. You have created your own panthenon of archetypes that only embody only your will without the baggage of external godforms to invoke and banish when useful. If David Bowie did succede in deifying himself as the Blackstar and we can evoke him as a Godhead, we can choose an aspect to invoke him as. Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke, Major Tom, and so on. These are all authentically him but serve different purposes. The same can be said for Odin who we can call upon as the allfather, the mentor, the wise one, the bringer of storms, the trickster, and many many other forms.

September 15, 2017, 01:40:06 am
Re: Ego disolution to strengthen the ego. @Sutekh I would mostly agreee with you, I think. I agree that you don't need to strengthen your ego to be considered Left Hand Path. There are quite a few anti-cosmic satanic beliefs. Chaos-Gnosticism which I'm currently studying, for example, works with beings who are against the material world. From what the Order of the Serpent newsletter describes, O9A seems to preach anti-cosmicism and place the individual below these anti-cosmic forces. That seems to both adhere and not adhere to both of our definitions of Left Hand Path but it is most certainly not right hand path. I am curious, by your definition would you include Thelema as Left Hand Path? Many people I know considered it middle path or right hand path. Where would middle path fit into your definition if anywhere? I'm very curious as it's hard to find a consistent definition for Left Hand Path.

On using another culture for anti-nomianism, I believe it is useful even if it might be contradictory. The people who reject the hinduism caste system to be aghora are simply adopting another culture, albeit counter culture, that use anti-nomianism as a tool. You can see that in less extreme subcultures in the US that these rebellious cultures can become a conformist prison of their own which is why I attempt to place emphasis on repeatedly doing it. I would argue that living as a Christian could be antinomian if you were raised by athiests or satanists. Anti-nomianism can either help you rebel or find a new prison which may very well be right hand path. My view is that these things are tools that can be used in either direction. I do believe antionomianism is linked somewhat to left hand path due to the inherent nature of it's focus on darker aspets that most humanity tend to reject. I think there is a sense of taboo inherent to the left hand path. This does not mean you have to push anti-nomianism as far as some of the followers as the Left Hand Path too. I would argue that this extreme dedication to an idea has it's own set of draw-backs.

I also want to emphasize that my post is not stricly about playing different beliefs but characters or roles. I used David Bowie because he dabbled in the occult and his transformations were radically different characters or roles. The use in adopting other cultures, I believe, is because it forces you to realize how many weaknesses you are holding on to from an old belief when you attempt to adopt a radically different new one. I like to compare my chaos magick philosophy to that of method acting. You start having inclinations torward a archetypal view of yourself and slowly get lost into it untto il you actually believe that is your identity. As a result, this identity is taken to the extreme to where it breaks. You know have a archetype that is strictly you that you can call on in times of need and that you know inside and out, both strengths and weaknesses, because you lived it and it came from you. For example, I could call on Dionsysius or I could call on my punk rock persona who had some very similar attitudes and because I lived as that archetype for 2 years, I know what to expect, whereas I may not with Dionysius. It makes it easier to adhere to your own will because that archetype is a distortion of your own will and as a result of being so intimate with it, you know how to play your true will of whatever your base self/ego is above it.

September 15, 2017, 02:51:34 pm
Re: I'd appreciate your thoughts on this particular topic: Acasual Existence/Realm O9A seems to be a bunch of chaos magicians who went as dark as possible in my opinion. Having a friend who followed them, I think it's personally a dangerous ideology if you do cherish individualism and wish to hold onto that. It warped away all of his best qualities, not just the ones that culture would deem good but also the ones that allowed him to further his will as an individual, and he started to lose things he'd never want to lose. Also, they have a pretty poor understanding of Runes from my limited research into O9A and Runes are strong enough to be risky without a misunderstanding.

Their theory on acasual needing to be let into the world to seems very similar to Peter J Carroll's theory on Lovecraftian deities. In fact, I would say that his theory and approach to Lovecraft is seemingly the best one I have seen yet and could offer the most fruits in the practice while minimizing the risk. The minimized risk is still huge, of course, but it offers a lot of tempting fruits of power. Carrol speculates that if you appear as a strong enough person who can use the knowledge they give you, the Elder Gods will give you forbidden knowledge so that they can work their will on the earth. This differs from O9A because they seem to just want to let the Elder God-esque forces in for antinomian reasons but I could be wrong.   

Someone compared it to anticosmic statanism and as someone studying an anticosmic branch of the Left Hand Path now, I would agree that what I have heard of their mythology from your newsletter appears to have similarities to both anticosmic satanism and anticosmic gnosticism.

There are many different and better approaches to Left Hand Path Chaos Magic out there, in my opinion.

September 15, 2017, 03:04:56 pm
Re: Ego disolution to strengthen the ego. @Sutekh I'm actually really glad you brought ONA up because it gives me a chance to pre-emptively clarify as some of my ideas may seem similar to them and other extreme groups despite the fact I vehemently reject the extremism of ONA and MLO both on personal principle/beliefs in addition to seeing it as counter-productive.

What it comes down to, I think, is that these groups are esentially LHP forms of Chaos Magick. Chaos Magick can draw some questionable people to begin with and there is a risk in psychological well being in paradigm shifting, the basis of all chaos magic, that some people may not be able to handle. Antinomian Paradigm Shifting would probably add more psychological stress than normal. It can be easy to see why this might snowball. I do not mean to offend anyone or their beliefs by saying this as every group has some members that give it a bad name and as a chaos magician myself, I have met quite a few people of the same belief I do not want to be associated with.

While these groups describe themselves as left of the left hand path, this is not inherent in LHP Chaos Magick. I highly recommend Thee Temple of Psychick Youth and their book entitled The Psychick Bible for a great example of LHP Chaos magick that is not extreme. The antinomianism in it is more focused on consentual sexual acts which I agree is important to explore to embrace spirituality and know thyself. This has a lot to do with my view of Satre's attempt to create existential ethics and his concept of "bad faith" which would take an entirely different journal post to explain. There's a ton of focus on individualism as well that should be incredibly useful to any LHP follower. I seriously highly recommend this book.

There seems to be plenty less extreme sects of Chaos-Gnosticism as well and that is based much on Chaos Magick's view of Kaos. Thursatru is a great example of this from what I have read thus far. It does not call for extremely criminal acts like the aforementioned groups but does work with anticosmic forces. There is even Liber Nox in Liber Null & Psychonaut that has good instructions for a LHP chaos magic. There are a few other groups such as the DKMU that would fall into this category of non-extreme LHP Chaos Magic.

As for their use of "insight roles" that seems like exactly that I do from what I read about it in the Order of Serpent's news letter. I do not know the full detail on their use of it  so i could be wrong. I have my own purely psychological techniques for it that I came to develop on my own. Personality shifting was my first magickal act which I did as a psychological expiriment 2 years before officially learning of and expirimenting with occultism. This technique brought me great success in accomplished everything I had wished for, including the stuff I should have been careful of, so naturally I have tried to develop on it after revisiting my chaos magick books when it was time for another paradigm shift. My combination of anti-nomianism that probably made it similar to the use of 'insight roles" was attempting to basing a new role on Bowie's Thin White Duke character which was his nastiest. I never had to partake in any extreme behavior to do this or because of it and it brought out a lot of stuff that I was repressing that is needed to function as long as you have control over it.

My current working theory is that if you can identify what part of your shadow you are repressing you can use these roles to re-intigrate with it. My take Thin White Duke made me come to terms with the coldness in myself that had been growing because of repression and bring it to the surface so I turned to a more pretentious role that allowed me to cut out numbing habits from my practice and focus on myself. Usually when a ego is pushed to a limit, it will break hard and you will go through trauma of some form where it will be incredibly hard to function. After doing this a few times, it becomes easier to see what you need to become next time. I've done some small expiriments incorporating occult techniques more directly into the psychological ones as well as attempting to invoke past forms through psychological and occult means but still need more data. It is definitely possible, I am just trying to find the most effective ways.

September 15, 2017, 08:55:06 pm
Re: Do you like Halloween? @pi_ramesses

Punchdrunk did what sound and looked like an AMAZING adaption of Faust into interactive theater that I had always wish I could have seen. It ran for 6 months in London but the director said his favorite was the night that only 3 people showed up. They want as far to launch fireworks over the water so that the feild would light up to reveal creatures that had been stalking them hiding in the woods.

September 15, 2017, 09:11:36 pm
Finally getting back on track after a stressful couple weeks. Due to the start of school and a family friend in town, I have not had much time as I would like for a daily regime and my only occult practices have been a practice of yoga twice a week and the occasional ritual or spell out of a grimoire. Things have settled down and I have re-started a practice of Liber Resh as it was very beneficial to my scheduling before. I am about to resume my work in Nine Doors of Midgard tonight as well. The Runic Meditations have provided a wonderful initation in their mysteries that is constantly rewarding the best ways. Surprisingly high reward for only 3 days of meditation. I have also learned why using the runes without these meditations are a very bad idea.

I started work with a "technomancy" grimoire kept on a USB drive today for multiple reasons. Firstly, it serves as a nice place to keep my Left Hand Path pdfs. Secondly, it provides extra privacy as most people wouldn't bother to use it. Thirdy, I like the idea of a grimoire as an act of magic myself. Something that would effect any readers of it similar to a hypersigil due to the energy poured into it. I have various ideas, I plan on keeping notes, observations, and some diary records on here and maybe try to forge my own take on technomancy servitors.

As I type this out, I realize that my new persona is finally coming together in a cohesive direction. It embraces a lot of things I love and have come to accept while drawing focus to stuff I know is there but haven't been worked and carries a purpose that will serve me well.  I believe I'll be a Byronic Hero this time which should be some fun and improve various areas of my life. I actually created a mantra to draw on a Byronic Hero archetype just for a night some time ago but it appears to have had a longer lasting effect.

September 16, 2017, 03:08:46 am