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Hello - potential new denizen Hello, hope everyone is well here.

I'm an older (serious) LHP practitioner. I've been on this path since driving by LaVey's Black House in SF as a kid, discovering there's a name that's somewhat representative of my way of being, and then realizing that it emanated from that same Black House.

I'm not an atheistic person, rather I consider myself an agnostic as, clearly, the universe(s) demonstrate some higher order that we do not understand as yet. I've not yet been able to determine if this is due to something here in our universe, part of the natural order, and something we're simply not yet equipped to understand (supernormal) or if there is indeed something beyond this realm directing this order. I suppose it's the eternal question. Some LHP folks abandon things here and opt for materialism, others slap a face on it and call it 'god' and still others keep seeking. I'm considering affiliation with the TOS as they seem to be a sort of combo of the latter two. I've had lots of back and forth with Dr. Aquino over the years (and a few other TOS people) and he taught me quite a few things (as he did everyone who courteously approached him).

Anyway, thanks for allowing me into your domain.

July 24, 2020, 07:13:04 pm
Re: explaining your system to new people I don’t engage the topic. I find explanation burdensome.

I generally nod, smile and turn the conversation back to the other person. What’s interesting about this is that people seem to have strong desires to talk mostly about themselves and aren’t very curious about others. Once you take this position of reflection, people will tell you anything and everything and will tell everyone else how kind of a person you are. It’s the shadow version of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Anyway, I share almost nothing. The discipline is Silence.

July 30, 2020, 04:11:30 am