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The Infernal Hierarchy Hello. I've written what I like to call The Infernal Hierarchy.  Whether you take it literally or metaphorically, it's entirely up to you. A word of warning, though. I have excluded the Form of Order, and the Form of Chaos, as I find these to be very impersonal. Now, obviously since this is called The Infernal Hierarchy, I used demonic interpretations (demonic names) of the Platonic Forms. Of course, they can be replaced with other interpretations. Also, the text you'll read is based on: lore, accounts, and other interpretations. Let me know if something needs fixing.

1)  On the Infernal Throne rests Lucifer, The Light Bringer.  The emerging consciousness from the primeval  darkness.  He represents the Platonic Form of Consciousness, the source of all individual consciousnesses.

At Lucifer’s side is his trusted advisor, Lucifuge Rofocale, The Prime Minister of Hell. He represents The Form of Knowledge, and in other interpretations, also the Form of Equilibrium.

Although it’s not well known, there’s a great amount of similarities and parallels between Lucifuge Rofocale, and Thoth.  In fact, just as Thoth allowed Ra to rule, Lucifuge, who is just as powerful if not more than Lucifer, let Lucifer rule Hell, and becomes his advisor, and of course, the scribe of Hell.

2)  Second to Lucifer in terms of rulership is none other than Belial, The Lord of Anarchy. Belial, whose name means either ‘worthless’ or ‘he without a master,’ could also be interpreted as a Form of Independence. However, as a character, he’s more than just ‘he without a master.’  Belial is a powerful, sometimes forceful, influential king, who commands many demons and familiars, can influence other people, the government, and of course, he is known for his teachings of self-mastery. Because of his role and characteristics, he more accurately represents the Form of Will, and/or Willpower.

3) Right below Belial on this hierarchy is his brother, and by no means less powerful, Azazel. He is known for teaching man how to make weapons, and build civilizations. He is a Promethean figure of Hell, and also a master of spiritual alchemy. He is the Form of Progress, The Form of Spiritual Evolution.

4) The Fourth Lord is Leviathan, The Great Serpent of the Sea.  He is sheer power and strength personified, and thus he represents the Form of Power.

5) The Fifth Lord is Purson, a great demonic king. He handles affairs both earthly and divine, and can help the summoner achieve or restore balance in his life. Thus, he represents the Form of Balance.

The Sixth Lord is Asmodeus. He is a mighty king, who is known to be one of the deadliest demons among the clergy, and even has a controversial reputation among the sorcerers. He teaches mathematics, geometry, brings treasure, sexual partners (mainly women), and breaks up couples. Asmodeus represents the Form of Desire.

7) Along with being strong, independent, and wise, Lilith is also very beautiful, so much so that she can be considered beauty personified. Thus, she represents the Form of Beauty, although she could (also) represent the Form of Strength, Independence, and/or Wisdom.

8,) The Form of Love, in this hierarchy, is represented by Astaroth, The demoness of Love. Before her demonization, Astaroth was known as the goddess Astarte, who was the goddess of love.  Of course, there were many interpretations of the Form of Love throughout the history of mankind, just like with all the other forms.

9) The Ninth Lord is the very embodiment of aggression and destruction, Abaddon, The Destroyer. He represents the Form of Destruction, and/or Aggression. Originally, Abaddon was a place where destruction took place, but later it became a name for the angel of destruction. His Greek name is Apollyon, and it is said that he’s one of the most powerful demons of them all, in terms of raw strength.

10) The Tenth Lord is Amaymon, a demonic king who, among other things, can make people honorable, and worthy of respect. Despite the negative reputation, and the demonization he received, Amaymon teaches ethics, and he represents the Form of Ethics.

August 26, 2017, 01:45:10 pm
Re: The Infernal Hierarchy Thank you very much for the kind words, as well as helping me sort The Platonic Forms in a proper order!
August 26, 2017, 02:54:26 pm
Re: Hi :) Welcome!
August 28, 2017, 06:54:11 pm
Re: Nine States of Consciousness Interesting...I'm not really familiar with this concept. Do you have any further reading material on this topic that you can recommend me?
August 28, 2017, 06:55:45 pm
Re: The Imperishable Star v. II (O.S. Newsletter) Just finished reading I and II; loved them! Very well written.

Props to all who participated in creating these pieces.

September 02, 2017, 09:46:57 am
Ultimate Sigil of Set Sigils attributed to entities is a relatively new concept. As such, there are no sigils for many of the ancient gods, which is saddening indeed. But, out of the blue I came up with an idea for a sigil of Set.

An inverted pentagram in a circle, and inside the circle are the following symbols:

To the north - Was Scepter

To the east - Scarab Beetle (Xeper)

To the west - Ankh

To the south - Ouroboros

Now if only I had the proper software and sufficient skill to make such a thing look awesome...  :cry:

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the symbolism and their corresponding cardinal directions?

September 02, 2017, 10:01:43 am
Re: Ultimate Sigil of Set To Onyx:

I had something like this in mind:

Separation symbol (the one above Xepera MaSet's avatar in his posts) can also be used instead of one of the symbols I had drawn.

The idea is that the symbols should match the cardinal directions (in this case the side of the pentagram) as best as possible.

North represents the darkness, so I chose Was Scepter for this direction as it represents the Set animal

East represents enlightenment, so I chose the scarab (Xeper) for this direction.

West represents the waters or a portal to the underworld (to Egyptians). I normally associate west with waters and life though (water symbolizes life, so by proxy west represents life), so I chose the ankh.

South represents fire, creativity, etc, so I chose ouroboros as this serpent happens to symbolize creativity as well. Also, destruction which can be connected to fire I suppose.

To Setamontet:

Very cool symbol! But, I think it's a bit too detailed for me. You see, I'm planning with Set, shall we say? And I'll need a simpler symbol.

September 03, 2017, 08:06:00 am
Re: Ultimate Sigil of Set Ah, indeed, the pentagram of Set is simple, and beautiful. I might use it in my workings. Whether I'll modify it a bit or not, I'm yet to decide.
September 03, 2017, 03:56:08 pm
Re: Ultimate Sigil of Set I did it! I made the symbol  :D

It's not perfect, but I sure am satisfied.

September 03, 2017, 04:26:48 pm
I am a Setian [Revelation & Details inside] As some of you know, yesterday I made a symbol which I refer to as "The Sigil of Set." It's not the first, nor the last sigil of Set, not by any means. However, it is special to me, as I got the idea and made the symbol myself. It has meaning, and thus power to me. The purpose behind making this sigil was not purely out of aesthetics - although that's one of the reasons. The primary reason was:

I wanted to meet Set.

I wanted to know Set.

I had a fascination with Set for quite a while, and if my magickal practices had taught me anything, it's that whenever you feel drawn to a particular entity, you should investigate. Research. Evoke. And I did.

Last night I performed an evocation, and what I've learned is staggering to me. Unlike most entities I worked with, Set seems to speak in many different ways at the same time - via thoughts, mental images, memories, ideas, etc. It was almost overwhelming, but beautiful, nonetheless.

What I've learned is that Set is so much more than the figure of legends, or a mere Platonic Form, although he is these things as well. Set is THE Prince of Darkness himself. He is an isolate consciousness, the embodiment of spiritual progress, of isolation, of going against the grain, a Promethean figure who bestowed the Black Flame upon man. He is (a) Satan; He is (a) Lucifer.

Set is easily the bearer of these titles, and so many more.

I've also learned that, in a way, Set has been a part of my life for a very long time, and I didn't know it. You see, I was born with a particular birthmark which is too specific, as well as the fact that I'm always evolving. I'm a fast learner, I grow as a person very rapidly - much to surprise to my peers and family - which often results in me isolating myself from them, involuntarily even. I'm a lone wolf type of person, and I prefer being alone for the most part. I do socialize, but I spend most of my time alone because I can think clearly and do activities that interest me. I've always been fascinated by magick, spiritual growth, and self-development - all of which I practice every day, even if I don't intend to do it sometimes.

What I'm trying to say is, I've been nurturing this Gift of Set, and I am grateful for it, even though I had no idea what it was.

Now, with all this being said, I think it's worth noting that I will not worship Set, as I don't worship anyone. Not to mention that, to me, Set seems like the type of being that wouldn't want to be worshiped. Instead, he'd much prefer to see us think for ourselves, grow, and walk our own paths.

To me, Set is a mentor, a (spiritual) father figure, I suppose. And there's so much to learn from him.

Also, and this bears mentioning as well, I'm a polytheist, but again, I don't worship anyone (not even myself, because I think that's just silly). However, my "pantheon" consists of entities I want to learn from, think of it as hiring many teachers at the same time. And these entities are:



Lucifuge Rofocale


The Infernal Hierarchy I posted here is an idea I revamped; I narrowed it down, because I realized that these 4 figures are interpretations of multiple Platonic Forms at the same time, so it's really unnecessary to say, for example, that Lucifuge is the Form of Knowledge, and someone else represents the Form of Balance, when Lucifuge represents both.

So, while I do acknowledge myself as a Setian now, I won't limit myself by the label. Because I identify with many other labels. And thus it's unproductive to go around saying, "My name is 'Lucifugus,' and I am a [insert one label]."

That said, I just wanted to let you all know that I've discovered another label for myself.

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling. Thank you for reading this lengthy post.

Edit: Formatting

September 04, 2017, 10:58:21 am