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Hello Greetings,

I am a solo-LHP with wide interests including Hermetics with a background on Sumerian and Egyptian (Kemet) workings, feeling spiritual affinity to Set, Ningishzidda and ritual interests; always learning, eager to know more and engage self-actualization as part of the spiritual evolution and transcendence of Man into the next phase.

I read the Statement and immediately felt this is an excellent place; nice to be here.


December 04, 2019, 06:15:25 am
SEETH essay Hi everyone. This is an essay I wrote with regards to Seeth (a cross between Sith / and Seth/Set) paradigms and philosophical perspectives. Although it's 33 pages long, it's not supposed to be a university-grade diatribe, but it is aimed for those who start on the LHP. Therefore don't expect to find any stunning revelations, but I hope it will be of use. Any comments are welcome.


PS: click on the link to download the file.

December 07, 2019, 04:03:37 pm
Re: SEETH essay Sure, here it is as pdf.
December 08, 2019, 03:57:01 am
Re: SEETH essay I would like to thank everyone for the comments, they are useful and point out several things to improve. The essay needs to be improved, to be sure; it was meant as a draft circular, not a final copy ready for publication. Basically an essay with some points to consider.

With regards to Sith and use of the word "Seeth", yes, it was done intentionally due to copyright infringement. I know there are people sensitive to that, so I wanted to allude to the Sith we know but expand it in diverse ways including the mythical paradigms mentioned.

I also tried to include some ideas / snippets based on my own workings with Set.

December 10, 2019, 02:06:38 am
Re: Statue of Liberty: The Torch Bearer inside the Hendecagram Although I'm not American and I am not very knowledgeable as to this topic, I'm also intrigued by this post. For me, the Torchbearer within the Hendecagram is clearly a Luciferian image, taken in the light of the Path of Adversity and Trials (11). But I'm sure there are other explanations out there, and I'll also be glad to read on this.
December 16, 2019, 04:41:14 am
Personal Sacrifices I am aware that all that practice a Path of knowledge have paid personal sacrifices (I am not referring to blood offerings, but sacrifices in terms of losing friendships, sacrificing time and resources while making their own choices etc). The Insights gained and the awareness have certainly been worth the cost... or have they? To Many, the answer would perhaps be Yes; but sometimes we often find ourselves in examination of our own past deeds and choices. Some of them might not be as illuminated or clearly driven as on other times. Or perhaps, certain influences occluded our better judgement. I would like to ask other members what are their thoughts on this. What is their notion of personal sacrifice? Do they feel that these were always done in the best possible way without remorse, or was there another path in hindsight that was not taken?
December 16, 2019, 04:47:38 am
Demonolatry and Acknowledging Deities as Superior or External to Self This topic is probably one of the most discussed in many LHP forums / groups, but I'm probing it from my own perspective, so please bear with me while I explain.

Evidently there are many LHP practitioners who are atheists and who simply choose to exalt the Self as the centre of everything in their universe. Whereas the Self is indeed very important in freedom, choice, and consequence, I never was an atheist nor do my personal experiences validate a cosmic paradigm devoid of spiritual presences. I also do not subscribe to the notion that all Deities/Entities/Spirits/Demons are parts of our brain. I believe that they correspond to areas of our brain (like linking to old phrenology charts) but that is all; correspondence is not the same as Identity, so through my own experience such entities have a truly external Essence and Identity. While correspondence to brain parts is probably essential in order to sense something that would normally lie outside the realm of human senses, I am certain that they do exist externally to me. The Self is important for many things such as initiation, becoming/xeper, constructing an interface with reality, however I don't accept that the Self is the only deity there is.

For example, let's take Set. I have significant personal evidence (but not proof to convince cynics) that this deity is Indeed a true Deity, external to me. Some would argue that Set is the only true deity, others could say there are others (neteru or something else) that are also true.

So assuming that one accepts the existence of deities that are superior or external to Self, there are different stances/ paradigms as to dealing with this: demonolatry for example would worship or offer ritual honors to such entities. While others would seek to control them for own gain using grimoires/demonologies etc which is something entirely different. Some would attempt to use such energies in order to "harvest" specific results for themselves, either as part of self transformation or as part of micromanaging life with its problems. On the other side of the spectrum, RHP would use parts of this knowledge to attempt to exorcise these deities (for them they would all be classed as demons anyway).

I'm posting this because in the Statement it is said that the Order of the Serpent is an Esoteric organisation (not everything is matter and psychology) therefore it is implied that something metaphysical truly exists beyond the Self, whatever that is. The model of self-directed self-evolution does not contradict to the existence of said deities/spirits/demons nor do I see any issues with tuition from such immaterial beings.

I'm interested to know what others in this Forum think on this.

December 16, 2019, 05:15:44 am
Re: Demonolatry and Acknowledging Deities as Superior or External to Self Hi Etu,

Whereas I respect neuroscience and biochemistry, having worked for many years in Mental Health as a psychiatric nurse and later as a psychologist, I choose to separate all the science when it comes to the occult. Let me be clear, I agree with you in all the clinical observations regarding limbic system activation centers and the logic of your arguments is clear.

But I personally find it that the scientific approach is not always suitable for everything, because not everything obeys in rationality and cause-effect sync. Take for example Sherlock Holmes (I'm using it as an example, fictitious or not doesn't matter here); even as a detective he's impeccable, however the causality of his observations only work in a system that has a lot of rationality. Some observations are based on physics which of course are logically sound, but some are based on behaviorism and while Patterns certainly exist, not everything can be explained through those (which is why sometimes there are problems in the Criminal Justice System convicting people who are innocent, basically at the wrong place at the wrong time). Even though it seems that beyond reasonable doubt they were guilty, some of them simply were not. What is commonly taken as irrational behavior could also be reasonable as part of a belief system. This is often problematic, as I experienced in the psychiatric ward where an inpatient was thought to display psychotic behavior but they were simply basing that on flimsy evidence; as it turned out, after speaking with the guy, what he said about Iblis was consistent with his own cultural background and it was not part of a psychosis, as they initially thought.

Of course, some colleagues (not to mention a few University lecturers in Psychology) quite simply believed that all types of faith (including occultism, magic etc) were pathogenic or attributed to pathological states of mind and body including intoxication, delusional belief systems, magical thinking etc as per DSM-IV. They were shocked at me to find out that I was not atheistic. I simply told them that's this is in actuality a battle of beliefs (theists/atheists and all the offshoots) and I was not interested in arguing something that cannot be proven beyond all doubt.

Now, as for the LHP and the entities, I first came across some notions of summoning demons in groups that professed that they did not actually believe in the existence of these demons. It appeared as self-defeating at first but they explained that the argument was about areas in the brain that the Goetia demons either correspond. So basically they were "summoning" aspects of their subconscious. I think there are problems with regards to Definitions. If summoning is meant Literally, you can only summon Living Entities (either physical or spiritual); and for me this is indeed summoning. Also, there's a difference to say they Correspond to these areas in the brain, or that they live there, or that these structures act as portals which can be activated by certain ways (enter the ritual element, times/sigils/intonation of words/ etc etc) - all these are different.

I would also like to point out that the Brain is one of the least understood of our organs, and the research is ongoing and by no means conclusive. Activation of certain areas as in PET scan simply show glucose consumption which is assumed that they take part in what the person is currently involved in. People with auditory hallucinations for example show activation of auditory areas as if they are actually hearing stuff. Hence the health care professionals would then say that this is indicative of certain types of psychoses (eg. schizophrenia). But bear in mind that if they do the same PET scans on persons speaking with the spirits, mediums, ritual summoners etc, they might still find similar results; it is my understanding that clinical science does not yet have the right tools to discern between real spiritual experiences and delusional states. Even after detailed psychiatric evaluation, there are considerable issues with regards to certain areas that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual deems (erroneously in the opinion of many professionals) as indicative of mental health problems. In older days it was homosexuality, now there are parts of spiritual belief and faith in general which seem to be under fire.

All this is part of the reason why I keep them separate. But of course this is just my opinion and the way I go about it.

December 17, 2019, 10:11:39 am
Mutually Exclusive or Essential Parts of a Whole? These are just some thoughts; feel free to disagree or to agree, but hear me out.

I see at times so many attempts to define or to "purify" what the LHP is, while forgetting perhaps that the truth of it is not in simple dissections or refutations, but in a greater understanding that encompasses all the undercurrents.

For example, the classic opposition between Noetic (or Philosophical Approach) versus Spiritual (not blind faith). Why do these have to be mutually exclusive? By all means, it's like condemning a part of the self to favor another. It makes no sense to me. There is a place for logic and philosophical arguments (without which we would be like animals) and there's a place for the spirit. I am all in favor for experimentation but this doesn't have to be in opposition to magic for example. I totally don't get why some choose to set themselves against the belief systems of their supposed brethren, even if they are quite close.

Perhaps my own understanding of LHP is at fault; I know that by being solitary perhaps one may mistrust groups/guidelines, but on the other hand, it's a Path - meaning that it is a Way of Life, a Practice and something that integrates certain sets of behavior with belief, evidence, practice (ie ritual) and many more depending on the definition. So for a LHP person to call another person or a group not LHP just because they are focused more on the magical/ritual element instead of the noetic, seems absurd to me. I know that it is quite trendy to go against the theistic principle or anything that resembles faith or a spiritual system, but surely any person that would refute that as LHP would have to discredit the Yezidis, the demonolater communities everywhere, those who accept Set as a distinct Entity external to us, those that practice draconian magic, the Vodou and so on...  there are simply too many examples of LHP that the materialist or overtly sceptical tends to discredit all too easily, in favor of what? his mind?... and why would this be More LHP than those who practice on the Path under the tuition of demons, for example?

I personally think that all modalities of thinking have their use, much like the Aeon of Horus has/d its use but that doesn't mean that the Aeon of Set for example is not the prime example of xeper and deification. So why would anyone seek to adopt a certain stance that only would be useful in serving as a modality and not as a universal tool? Crowley's Thelema and La Vey's attitudes certainly served the LHP well, but to become stuck on these is to limit oneself while there are so many more things to experience and to explore. And in private conversations I have lately heard the same old argument, that faith stems from christianity... I would like to remind that faith predates christianity (or other monotheistic religions) for dozens or even hundreds of millennia (depending on whether one studies ancient Egyptian - Kemetian scripts or Sumerian including the Isin King List). Faith is much like logic; it's a tool. Faith, in the right hands can achieve certain altered states and access different experiences that could transform the self. Of course, we have seen the misuse of faith all throughout history with the fanatics, the burning of the libraries of the ancient world, the crusades, the inquisition etc... but just because monotheistic religions perverted faith and spirituality, doesn't mean we have to throw away traditions predating them since the Dawn of Man.

As a LHP ritualist and mostly solo practitioner I am in favor of what works, so empiricism is Good versus blind faith. But to me LHP is about the only type of Spirituality that can access and harness the power needed to break the chains put on us by monotheistic paradigms for millennia. It frees the mind from many illusions while redefining social cohesion under a new light, while assisting the individual achieve Luciferian Gnosis and at the same time, xeper as in Becoming and a state of being initiated all the time. But for these to happen, I believe that we don't have to necessarily exclude the spiritual side. It's perhaps a matter of choice, but it's not Mutually Exclusive, just like matter and energy, Pneuma and Hyle, and other dipoles coexist and on a deeper level are interwoven to each other.

December 29, 2019, 12:46:08 pm
Re: Mutually Exclusive or Essential Parts of a Whole? So far as a belief in deity / being classed as a demon (ie Melek Taus the Peacock deity in the Yezidis) or Baal for example (in the forms of Bael or Baalzebub / Enlil etc) being operational in instructing a person on the Path, that path is part of the LHP current.

Demonolatry as part of worshipping demons may be frowned by some and glorified by others but it is certainly a LHP by itself since by definition it is the antithesis of all established religious avenues. It may or may not lead to exalting the self and deification, or in some initiatory schools they would perhaps opt in passing through the Gatekeepers / Angles / Outer Gods etc as parts of the transformation, but even though it's deistic in essence, it's pretty much LHP both in terms and in goals.

As for magic, perhaps it can be done in the sense of altering one's own perceptions but in my understanding of the magical paradigms, if one doubts the source of magic how could he/she harness the essential energy to drive that magic? I don't think it would work on things external to Self.  Again, people's definition(s) of magic(k) vary widely, so there might not be a consensus on this.

I always am eager to learn and whatever is validated by experience is indeed valuable. I also respect other persons' experiences that don't validate my own, but I may or may not be able to accept them as true, depending on the paradigm. In any case I don't consider myself an expert on the (multi) Universal Truths and regardless of my lifelong commitment, I'm always a student.

December 29, 2019, 02:43:20 pm