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Hello :) Thanks for inviting me here, Setamontet.

I left faith recently (again) and sorting things out. Feeling like the best way to describe my feelings right now from a faith perspective is spiritual atheism? That's probably the best way I can put it for now.

This looks like a cool forum, and look forward to chatting with you guys.  8)

August 02, 2017, 11:39:00 pm
Does this belief system bring you peace? Does this belief system give you a sense of deep satisfying peace? When I practiced Christianity, I felt a sense of peace. But, then I came to realize that much of my belief system was built upon wishful thinking. I left Christianity five years ago, about a year after that, I naturally concluded that atheism was what made sense to me, and fast forward to about two years ago, I returned to Christianity. This was largely due to the stress and grief I was experiencing over my grandmother's death. I had never grappled with such a great loss, without faith to escape. Being an atheist when my grandmother died was hard, I won't lie. It was HARD.

Intellectually, I think atheism describes my thinking now and has for some time, but my heart looks for something else, I guess. That sense of peace that is difficult to find in the day to day, but I'm learning. I'm having to UNLEARN certain things, in the process. I don't want to cling to false gods and faiths in order to give myself a false peace. And so here I am again, having left faith again, and sorting things out for myself, in terms of atheism and spirituality, of some sort.

I'm finding that meditation and practicing centeredness brings me great peace. And so I wonder about others' belief systems, does a left hand path bring one peace? Can you describe how? I'm just curious. I find people's belief systems to be fascinating, so long as they don't harm others, and learning about why people follow what they do.

August 03, 2017, 12:10:19 am
Re: Hello :)
Hopefully, people will be kinder to me here, than you've been.

Welcome then :) I apologize if my reply may had given you the wrong impression. You just seemed to be a bit familiar that was all, I apologize if I may had offended you in anyway. I just haven't known you fully on RF.

Okay, thank you for saying this. :-)

I was like...why is he calling me saint frankenstein? lol  :|

August 03, 2017, 02:06:40 am
Re: Physique and Strength  I'm into cross fit and running. I can't imagine not working out because it's not only good for my body but it's good for my mind. I don't think about the stress in my life at all during a run or when I'm at the gym.
August 03, 2017, 11:27:15 am
Re: Hello :)
Welcome Deidre, great big huge hugs! = )

Hugs back!   :mrgreen:

August 03, 2017, 02:14:36 pm
Re: Does this belief system bring you peace? I'll come back to ask more a little later, but thank you for your insights. So this brings about a question ...would you say that your belief system is one whereby enlightenment is brought about because of the darkness or despite it? I'm thinking that the darkness acts as a conduit for positive change which I find fascinating. But am I understanding that right?
August 03, 2017, 07:33:51 pm
Re: Does this belief system bring you peace?
And so I wonder about others' belief systems, does a left hand path bring one peace? Can you describe how?

This is a complicated answer to say, the Left Hand Path is not a simple road to take unlike other Religions that are separate from that Path. My Path has never truly brought me peace, instead my Path has tested me all these years.

 Iv'e struggled greatly with anxiety and depression. I try to fight it everyday, before I realized that this Path was for me, a while back I was raised in a confusing religious environment. My dad on the other hand separated me from the nordic faith that I practiced a while back, he tried to raise me in a Christian environment, it didn't work for me at all.

As a matter of fact I came to disagreements of how they represented Lucifer to be an evil being, on one hand I regarded him as a good being among this world. Over time when I came to that realization that I was a Satanist, it was not an easy philosophy to adhere to unlike other Religions such as Christianity which is perhaps a peaceful stepping stone for the individuals own benefit.

I have evolved and underwent many self transformations upon my practices of my path, my concept of the LHP is adopting a heterodox viewpoint, by violating or embracing taboos that are looked down upon.

 Once you embrace these taboos you undergo through this self transformation process of the self, you start to feel comfortable of the things that are viewed as non mainstream, you start to feel at peace with the things that you love to do outside of the mainstream. In many cases I have never felt any sense of empathy towards others, in that regard I feel that this process of my self transformation is bringing me a sense of empathy slowly.

For me this is perhaps complicated to explain this, but when I was a beginning novice on my journey I started putting Black Magick into practice. You may have heard that many people outside of the Left Hand Path may regard Black Magick as evil or Malevolent perhaps.  Black Magick is not really an evil form. As a matter of fact some of the concepts of Black Magick is about improving the self and manipulating ones environment to ones own advantage.

Their is plenty of more concepts within the Practice of Black Magick in which I would love to explain in detail but I am the type of person that gets to the point of things.

For me one of my goals within my Path is stepping outside these limits that may restrain the individual. It is about overcoming many obstacles in ones life. Once when you step outside of these limits outside of society you start to undergo the process of happiness and peace to that extent.

The things you're saying here totally resonate with me, regarding the 'right hand path' type faiths, like Christianity. I was raised in a Christian home, and always practiced without thinking about it much. What is practicing Christianity like, really? It's basically worshiping a deity and by that I mean praying to him, and sacrificing one's own ambitions and desires for this ''greater good,'' or ''greater god.'' The problems that I've run into, and why I left Christianity for the first time 5 years ago, is that I couldn't make logical sense of the Bible, a book that is wrought with contradictions. But, there was something about this Christian God that made me feel loved...comforted. Or it was what I was taught to believe without asking questions. To doubt meant you were in sin. You know the drill, coming from that background.

This left hand path. I have to say, I was taken aback when I first read about it when I came to the religious forums. I never knew anyone who actually practiced any type of magic, and again, was taught that ''sorcerers'' and ''wizards'' are evil beings, and should be avoided, according to Christian beliefs. But, I never really thought this deep down. I've always viewed people as just humans all struggling with pretty much the same things...depression, love, confusion, sadness, grief, etc. Religions just offer everyone a different way to cope with the human condition, perhaps.

So, I started reading a little bit about the left hand path community, and then talked with two people from RF about it. And these two people, one of them one of the co-founders of this site, always seemed in good spirits. Even in better spirits than the Christians I knew offline, or on RF. That struck me as curious...why would people who are the antithesis of Christianity, be so joyful? So hopeful? I liked it, though. I was drawn to learning more about it.

Fast forward to recently, I came back to faith (after identifying as an atheist for a little while a few years ago)...largely due to my grandmother's death that happened a little over two years ago. Her death rocked my world, and I couldn't process it without faith. As an atheist, it was just really hard to process that I would have to cope with her loss on my own. Just me. No gods, no crutches. Just me. A few months later, I lost an online friend named Mequa, a few people here knew him. He used to post on RF. His death following my grandmother's death, just was so shocking. He was only 33 years old. So, I eventually ran back to faith, thinking that I had a supernatural experience of some type. This is the abbreviated version, but it's what led me back.

A few weeks ago, I thought that I just don't believe this stuff anymore. I want to believe in a god, or that a supreme being adores me, but logically, I don't. I mean, I hold out hope that one may exist, but to worship a potentially fictional character in my mind started to seem once again, very stupid.

This left hand path. Hmmm. It is interesting that we can learn from darkness. Christianity teaches how to snuff out the darkness. That we shouldn't walk towards the darkness, yet in LHP seems you embrace the darkness. Is this darkness, the darkness of our souls or the darkness of life, in general? Is darkness subjective? Like maybe what you consider dark, I might not and vice versa.

I like your story, it is very helpful to me, and I'm glad you've shared it. I want to learn more. :=)

August 04, 2017, 12:50:25 am
Re: Does this belief system bring you peace?
Greetings Deidre,

For me personally it really has never been a matter of peace of mind or faith, but rather a matter of something that is indeed real and has always worked for me.  I became a Satanist when I was about 15 and later became a Setian at the age of 20.  Both are LHP philosophies which have appealed to me, and even called out to my soul.  The peace I have received is that I found, at a very young age, a religion, a way of life, that inspires and works for me, which is about study and practice, not worship.  A religion, life philosophy, that challenges the mind and soul to become their most magnificent and supreme manifestation.  Just like with anything else in life, the way of the Left Hand can and will be just, if not more, challenging and stressful, as it deals with matters of the spirit or soul.  However, the rewards of Xeper, of self-directed self-evolution, far out weigh the stress and challenges of Becoming, of spiritual and intellectual growth.

The Left Hand Path exalts the truth that nothing worth while in life is ever easy.  But when certain self-actualizations have been achieved, there is a time of peace that is worth savoring.  The Path of Darkness is the Left Hand Path Quest of those who are willing and capable of flourishing through the pleasures and pains of the unique existence of the Setian/Satanic Being.

Some Christians might say, oh we are taking the easy way, when in fact it is quite the reverse.  The RHP is about letting some other god or being taking control of your life and its direction, the LHP is about self-effort, study and practice, taking complete control over your own life and its direction.

Xeper and Remanifest.

Yessss, that's exactly right...the LHP sounds much harder, in terms of work one does on one's self, to reach enlightenment. Not unlike say Buddhism, although I know they are very different belief systems. That said, following a deity that promises you salvation if you do this...and this...and that...isn't easy either, but in a different way. It is disappointing to cry out to a god that you fear isn't listening. These fears coupled with the natural fears that we all experience as humans, can really mess with a person's head. When I was following Christianity, I made a lot of excuses for God, when things didn't go as planned in my life or I failed at something. It was never me looking at me, and what did I do wrong in the situation that I could learn from? It was always me blaming a god, or calling out to him for help. And feeling a sense of peace, because I didn't have to worry about it, anymore. God would take care of it all. And for a time that worked. But, you don't grow when religion becomes a crutch in your life, always catching your falls.

So, I read that Setians don't worship any being. Do you revere any particular being, though? Or is it mainly a set of principles that help you to become your best self?  (Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.)

August 04, 2017, 12:59:12 am
Re: Does this belief system bring you peace? Shamira, thank you!! I'm at work and want to quote certain parts of your post so I'll come back later with questions :-)

I would like to resolve some irrational fears I have, like fear of death, loss, and new situations. These fears are irrational because they're affecting how I view life and have for a while. Like these fears keep me from getting out of my comfort zone and doing things that I'm unfamiliar with. In Christianity, or RHP's in general, the idea is to escape your fears or give them to God. But there's no real life practical ways that are taught to overcome fears. So you sort of live with your fears, never really growing and hoping some cosmic relief comes your way through prayer. This isn't the whole of Christianity but it is definitely a layer of it.

So can and will the LHP help me resolve my fears? I don't want necessarily an easy way out because how I came to have these fears came from my childhood. Thanks for any advice you may have on this.


August 04, 2017, 02:11:06 pm
Re: Does this belief system bring you peace?


Hey Deidre, now days I don't mind saying that yes, I do "worship" Set, but not in the traditional meaning of the word "worship".  I honor and revere Set as the supreme manifestation of the Prince of Darkness, the First Principle and giver of the Gift of Isolate Intelligence, that is the Black Flame.  However, I do not submit or surrender my own mind and will to him.  This would be sacrilege to the Setian Spirit.  Set does not seek mindless followers or servants, but rather equals to accompany and collaborate with him on the Path of Darkness.

When I first became Setian, the Dark Prince infused within me further of his own Essence, and the strength that is his also became my strength.  Therefore, when I encounter a challenge or stressful barrier in my life I need not call upon Set himself to take care of it for me.  I can look into my Self and know that I have been consecrated to Set and that his Strength is my own, and I can summon it, the Powers of Darkness, through the conduit of Greater Black Magic.

Hey :=)

Okay...soooo many questions, I hope you don't mind.

Coming from Christianity, the Prince of Darkness is referred to as the enemy of ''the light.'' (of Jesus/God) Since I've departed from Christianity again, I'm not hung up on that aspect of it, but I do wonder why is darkness thought of as a bad thing in Christianity. And how is it viewed in the LHP?

With that question, I will then darkness something to be embraced or worked through? If enlightenment is the ultimate destination, and like Buddhism, the journey is really what enlightenment is about, learning about one's self and growing along the way...then how does darkness get me there?

Here's my thing, I don't want to worship a different deity. I've read that Setians don't worship per se, and you say so yourself that you don't...but, it still has that feeling of theism to me. Just being honest, so can you help me understand that better? (thank you)

August 04, 2017, 04:24:44 pm