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Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night For me and others the differing semblances of Set, Satan, Odin/Wotan, Lucifer, Prometheus, etc., are daimonic reflections of the manifold aspects and machinations of That which is commonly known as the Prince of Darkness, the Great Benefactor of Mankind, the primordial source of our heightened Sense of Self and advanced intellect.
April 23, 2017, 10:16:15 pm
Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night
For me it is perhaps uknown for the existence of Set, but at times I have worked with him before.  Set does exist but he does not necessarily help you unlike Christ helps man.

Sutekh you bring up a very good point we should all heed.  Indeed Magic works, however, we should never look for Set around every corner whenever something good or remarkable happens.  It is very rare that Set will ever deliberately intervene in our lives.  We can invite him to join us in our journey towards achieving a particular goal, but he has already given us the vital tools, his own Essence (the Black Flame), the strength of mind and will to achieve our goals on our own.  Also, as we continue to evolve, to Xeper, our strength of mind and will grows, hence, enhancing our ability to achieve even greater aspirations on our own with our own hard work and Will to Magic.

"The Setian need conjure neither curse nor kindness from me, for by the magic of my great pentagram I shall see with his eyes.  And then the strength that is mine shall be the strength of the Setian, and against the Will of Set no creature of the Universe may stand.  And I think not of those who think not of me." - Set, The Book of Coming Forth by Night

April 24, 2017, 04:19:33 pm
Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night
Though personal to Aquino in many ways, the BOCFBN still gives me goosebumps whenever I read it.

To me some of the most inspiring "religious" documents are the BoCFbN, The 19 Parts of the Word of Set, and The Diabolicon.

April 24, 2017, 05:32:51 pm
Re: Music thread Hey Hammerheart, I notice you are using a Motley Crue avatar, their bass player Nikky Sixx was a member of the Temple of Set for about a year or so back in their "Too Fast For Love" and "Shout At The Devil" days.
April 25, 2017, 02:29:40 pm
How to make a Pentagram A Pentagram of Set of my own construction. Flat round glass plate, and masking tape to form the pentagram and circle.  Carefully cut out the excess tape with sharp cutting tool.  Spray paint back side silver, and front flat black. Let paint dry and use tip of cutting tool to carefully remove masking tape.

By the Magic of the Shining Pentagram of Set, he shall see with my eyes.
And the strength that is his shall be my strength,
And against the Will of Set no creature of the Universe may stand.

April 28, 2017, 04:30:30 pm
Re: New to the realm Greetings and a warm welcome to merytseth to the O.S. forum!


April 30, 2017, 01:32:02 pm
Re: "I created the material universe so I could define myself." - Prince of Darkness This thread is a good example of where myself and my Brother Xepera maSet differ, where the rubber meets the road in some of our differing understandings.  The O.S. is made up of extreme individualists with differing ideas and understandings.  In the "Book of Coming Forth by Night" Set states "I created HarWer (Horus) that I might define my Self."  Meaning, define him Self against the resistance of the Cosmic Stasis, defining him Self as Set, as something unique and distinct, and separate from, and independent of the laws that govern the Order of the Cosmos.  To me Horus is not the totality of the material universe though he is part if it and Horus is a part, if not the very semblance of our collective human sub-conscious mind.  The result of infusing the essence of the Black Flame with our natural human instincts and psychological make-up.

If Set were the creator of the material universe, that would make him God, the very cosmic inertia the Black Magician works against. The Universe existed long before Set Came Into Being.  Every time Set creates, he disrupts the cosmic stasis and becomes responsible for that new aspect of the Universe and thus loses that much more of his independence and distinctiveness.  If Set were to displace the entire Universe he would become a new measure of consistency, he would cease to be One (Set), for he would become All (the new God), the new cosmic inertia.  Set does not seek to become God, however, he does seek to make the Universe a more Magical realm, a realm more reflective of the Setian Mind and Will.

Set sought to counter this imbalance and to create a Void in which true Creation could take the form of the Setian Will by creating Horus, the collective subconscious mind of the human race, by infusing within that which would become mankind the Gift of his (Set's) own Essence of Being.  So that there would come into being others of his own kind, able to creatively think for themselves and bring into being their own individual thoughts and ideas in accordance with their own mind and will, separate and distinct. Hence, re-creating the Cosmos as a reflection of the Setian Will in unique and unpredictable ways.  Hence, freeing Set to Be.  To me, this is a vital aspect of the bond between the Prince of Darkness and humankind.

The Black Gift, however, is both a blessing and a curse, but that is for another post.

April 30, 2017, 03:48:50 pm
Re: "I created the material universe so I could define myself." - Prince of Darkness Even from my own somewhat advanced Setian perspective, the origins of the Universe are just as much a mystery as is the origin of Set him Self, all else is pure speculation.  From the Diabolicon we learn that the Prince of Darkness, in the "Statement of Satan - ArchDaimon", achieved the ability to become Self-Aware through an "unknown celestial fusion".  Even Set him Self does not truly Understand the origins of the potentiality which allowed him to bring into being his own independent conscious existence.
May 01, 2017, 04:32:12 pm
Re: "I created the material universe so I could define myself." - Prince of Darkness The Darkness is deep and endless, like the Abyss.  We in the Order of the Serpent seek after and are inspired by the exploration of the great mysteries of the Abyss.  We are in collaboration with the Prince of Darkness, our guide and mentor, in the quest for deeper knowledge and understanding.  This might sound dramatic, but I am feeling dramatic and inspired today after my Working last night. ;)
May 01, 2017, 05:03:13 pm
Re: Creativity and Selfhood As a musician and composer my music is of vital importance in my Self-expression, and the manifestation of my creative mind and will. What happens in the process of composing a piece of music, from its beginning to its completion, is a remarkable study and exercise of the Will to Magic, the Will to Create.  Some of my compositions begin first in my mind; a theme or themes occur to me and I will build upon them through continued improvisation.  Some themes occur to me while practicing either the piano/keyboard or guitar, and evolve by playing continued variations on the theme(s) and improvising.

Xepera - Xeper - Xeperu
The Self-Created Creator Creates Creations.

May 08, 2017, 04:09:48 pm