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Vampirism No methods included... While it might not be a usefull article without methods, but I wished to talk about it anyway.

Some of my recent research are aimed to study vampirism... As in drawing energy from another being and using it as my own. I want to share some things that I found and also hear things from others. I had a long history with vampirism during this lifetime, but I did not study how to do it, because I felt aversion to it. But well, I felt aversion to most of my current studies... I believe that having an initial aversion against something is good as it can help one to be more careful and to not lose themself when they actually get to it.


First, I woud like to share why I had aversion against it. I had several thoughts and experiences that made me feel like it would be something low to do. If a being needs to take energy from others, isnt that being lower then others? I have discovered that you do not atually need to do it, but its rather something that can be done for a benefit.

Wouldnt it hurt others to eat their energy? Well, extreamly selfish person could just say "what ever, just use others as a stepping stone", but well, such attitude would not benefit a vampire in a long term, if they are a smart selfish vampire they would not mindlessly hurt others. I have found that its not hard to make someone willing to offer their energy and also that a prey can actually benefit from being eaten.

I have met several people claiming to be vampires... Well, they did not make an impression of an amazing person on me. Though, I will say that the problem was in the vampires that I met, not in the practice of vampirism. Some were addicted to draining others. Some were toxic and harmful. Some viewed themself as cursed. Many of them were mentally unstable. Well, all of that can happen to someone who is not careful in their study of vampirism.

All of the vampires that I have met were extreamly susceptible to being controlled by me. Mind control is another thing that I study and well, I have some success with controlling different kinds of people, but every vampire that I have met was extreamly easy to put a spell on. It made me think that such practices might make one vulnerable to put a spell on and question when ever it makes defensive magic unsuccessful. Experiments shown that it is not a case of their defences being weakened, but rather has something to do with me.

Over time, beings with which I have communicated slowly cleared my aversions and have shown me that I am an energy vampire, if I chose to, I can eat someone without much effort. I have also been taught many things that I should know about it.

Actual dangers of such practice:

Well, first and most apparent danger is that if you engage in eating the energy of others, you can wave goodbye to a thing called "balance" within yourself. How long do RHP practicioners meditate to balance their energy? A month? Maybe longer? Well if you introduce energy of another person into yourself, you essencially disbalance yourself. If they want to do this practice without ruining themself, they need to know how to be yourself when there is no yourself, how to stay intact within chaos and things of the sort. One should also be affiliated with Yin type energies. Experience working with Yin water and Yin fire is required.

Vampire can recieve every single disease of their food. There are many types of vampirism, so for some it is less true, for some it is more true, but in general, eating energy of another is an effective way to get their problems. Eating energy of someone happy, can make you feel happy... Eating energy of a person with bipolar disorder, can make you recieve bipolar disorder. Eating energy of schizophrenic can make you suddenly experience psychosis. Eating energy of some devoted muslim, might make you feel like you suddenly need to pray to Allah. Those are just some examples, it can get even worse. Basically, one needs to know how to purify and incorporate the absorbed energy. Basically, one needs to be very skilled with energy transformation and self detachment from experiences.

Own experiences can feel dull. It is another danger and it is a very great danger as in can lead to complete spiritual growth shutdown. It is something that can give a sense of complete emptiness inside and also what leads to vampirism addiction. I believe that the main cause for that would be trying to eat a very wide array of very different people in short succession... Also possible trying to eat someone who is more advanced than you. I cant really confirm those theories, as searching for proper test meal is difficult. The cure for it is to remember that you do it to empower yourself, leading the absorbed energy into own experiences, empowering what was yours. Having a very deep desire for spiritual growth as a cure.

Well, if we look at this dangers, it makes perfect sense that inexperienced vampires could easily ruin themself. But well, learning how to overcome this problems can be a benefit in itself.


Vampirism is an actual shotcut to elevate yourself. One can grow slow and steady and they will eventually reach next level of power. Being a vampire is an actual shortcut, it has its own price and list of dangers, but it is a shortcut. Channeling energy of several people through yourself, more then you can naturally produce will expands your channels which will make you produce more energy in the future. Also, you can be exposed to many different energies that way which means that you will acquire a lot of experience in very quick succession.

One can absorb energy to perform any sort of spell. It is especially convenient when trying to help someone, it can actually be done by taking their own energy and using it and taking some extra for all the work.

It can reduce the need for sleep. if vampire has a proper meal, they can go without sleep for extended period of time and be completely healthy.

It is a cure to any weakened state... for example, when I had a cold and fever, after eating some energy from a willing person, I felt healthy even though it does not cure the disease, I could actually do things and also perform self healing rituals.

There are other benefits, but its hard to list them all and it also depends on what kind of energy vampirism one is using. I will split vampirism into 2 groups: unconscious vampirism and conscious vampirism.

Unconscious vampirism: aka things that people mistaken as vampirism, but is actually not

I feel like I want to say right away that this is not a true vampirism and just some way some people drain others sometimes... But, I know that I shouldnt just discard all of it with a bad label.

First of all, every being are constantly exchanging energy with each other, its a part of natural flow of energy... It is the reason why being in a group, the group eventually feels like a singular being. If a group has a depressed person in it, then all other members of the group eventually uncosciously absorb their energy and the whole group becomes depressed. Everyone constantly gives energy to others and takes energy from others. But well, it is just a natural flow of energy, so, there is no reason to call it vampirism in any way. But it is helpful to know about this processes as same channels can be used for the actual vampirism.

The other type that I want to mention is also not a vampirism, but it is something that if often referced to as vampirism. A toxic person that drains others of energy by making them feel not good. Well, such practice is not beneficial for anyone and is not what I consider to be vampirism. You can try to study how such behaviour works by yourself in details, but I will just say that doing so actually vents out energy, which might make someone feel good for a bit, but both the provoker and the target become weaker in the end.

Another not true vampirism is a cry for help. Well, the thing is, humans and animals often want to help someone who is crying... And the closer you are with the crying person, the more you want to help them. And well, you might be unconsciously giving a lot of energy to the person you are trying to help. But well, it is not vampirism, because the person crying is not trying to take the energy and also, they are likely losing the energy at much greater rate.

Though, with all the things that I have mentioned that are not vampirism, a vampire can actually eat others unconsciously, because it is not hard to get used to. It is better to actually not get used to it as the experience which you grow used to can lose its meaning.

Conscious vampirism:

Well, I did not want to list method of draining here while writting, so I am going to avoid it. As long as the vampire knows what they are doing and doing it consciously, I would separate 3 types of vampirism: simple, sexual, blood.

Simple drain can be done to anyone at any time... With or without a contact. Its the least effective type of drain. One thing to remember though, one should give something back.

Sexual vamprisim can be done to anyone as long as they feel arousal... With or without a contact, becomes more effective the more close relationship there is. A nice thing about it is that it usually does not require to give anything back.

Blood vampirism is a very edgy vampirism, but is also effective. Requires direct access to targets blood. Does not require to give anything back.

Thats all I wished to share for now.

July 10, 2017, 09:07:58 pm
Re: Vampirism W_Adam_Smythe, by vampires that are easy to manipulate I mean some who called themself vampires that I met before I started practicing vampirism myself. They were extreamly easy to control. I cast a spell at 3 am on them and within 5 minutes they would contact me and tell me that something woke them up and they feel urgent need to do "something" for me. And that "something" is what I put into my spell.

also, I was talking about some of my past in the "aversion" part. I have no aversion to it right now.

Rougue, I do not understand your message. Can you make it easier to understand?

You should look for beings associated with vampirism and try to evoke them to teach you. There is likely one with which you are related if you are already a vampire.

July 11, 2017, 01:19:14 am
Re: The Importance Of A Strong Ego & Keeping Your Word A feeling of obligation is actually not good for a person. As it directly denies the free will and free will is a source of power.

Not being true to oneself is not good for a person. Not being true to yourself to yourself also has a dimishing effect on your power.

Lying to others teaches you to lie to yourself as well.

As much as one might want to follow their ego, but it is not always perfect as there might be conflicts within. Human mind is universally very skilled in hiding conflicts from itself. I say that it is very skilled, because humans are very quick to mask their own actions from themself. Admiting that you did it for your own selfish reason is beneficial, because it will actually reduce the amount of masks that mind can use... With less masks, it becomes easier to understand oneself and it leads to being true to oneself easier.

All actions might be selfish, but I have interest in psychology and I always wonder... does that person know why did they do what they did? Do they know what is actually motivating them? Why are there mistakes?

Isnt the want to stop something that you have started is also something that comes from within you? Well, it technically is and it is born from the conflict within. It is the easiest thing to just say "since I have started it, I will finish it" to silence that conflict, but it might be more beneficial to look deeper within why such ideas arise to start with.

Honestly, always making the same decision will make one side of you stronger. Supporting the part of yourself that keeps their word to yourself should be beneficial for everyone as it should help you to be more true with yourself... So I agree with that idea, but the way it is delivered sounds a lot like a doctrine. I wonder if you have asked yourself why did you want to share this specific idea with others?

I do not want to sound offensive in any way, I just tend to wonder about things, especially when they are delivered as a straight statement... And I welcome you to question my statements.

July 12, 2017, 05:30:44 am
Some music I wish to share I wish to share some music... I am going to group it up in several different groups... And I would like to ask you to guess why did I share those songs and how did I group them up. I wish to know how you think.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

July 12, 2017, 06:09:18 am
Re: Thoughtform Thoughtforms is something that I am familiar with and always do experiments with. There are actually many types of thoughtforms that I could separate, based on the method of their creation, purpose and extend of free will. First separation that I would personally make is egregore and tulpa from the rest of thoughtforms... Because I like to view tulpa as a being created by one single person and egregore as a creation of collective mind... They actually have very different feeling to them. I might write my own article about it in the future. Gnerally, you seem to be thinking more about egregore rather then tulpa.

Egregore is easy to create... Based on the fact that humans have created millions of them without intentind to do so and without realizing it. Egregores usually feel more like a field, a space, a little world somewhere... That world might have a manifestation that is also created, but when a collective mind creates something, it seems to become more of a field. One can travel to that space by simply associating with the egregore and as you do, you recieve indluence from it.

Creation of tulpa is more difficult, but I also believe that it is more practical. Tulpas feel like an actual being, after being created they can learn to think for themself. The most interesting thing about tulpas, in my opinion, is that they can be created to have abilities that their creator does not have. Which is interesting, because one can create a servitor that will assist them in learning something new. Its interesting to explore.

Egregore keep on existing by its believes remembering it... it gives it energy... Tulpas exist from the energy of their creator, but they can be taught to take energy from a different source and released from the limits of the mind into the open universe. I would say that releasing a tulpa from your own mind into the open world is one of the highest forms of magic.

Well... thats a very short and very broad description... Feel free to ask me questions.

July 14, 2017, 12:58:44 am
Re: Thoughtform
What, exactly, is a Tupla?

Any thought that you have can become a tulpa. Simple thoughts come and go. The most simple tulpa is the thought that is separated from this process... Or to be more exact, to start creating one, you would need to separate it from your normal flow of thoughts. It starts with a little thought, then it becomes a structure. Depending on how good you are in creating tulpas, you can create very complicated or simple structures... Just existing outside the flow is not enough, it needs to be created in a way that it can give birth to thoughts on its own.

Its difficult to explain what is the most simple tulpa would be... Its easier to give examples of something much more complicated and advanced. Such example would actually be you yourself... What ever your personality is, it is essencially a tulpa. You could create a split personality within yourself and it would be a tulpa as well.

I could say that tulpas are everything a being thinks of... But they can be separated from the subjective reality of the being and released to the universe and afffect the universe. So tulpa is not just a part of subjective reality. It is more like creating a mind within mind, then cherishing it, so it grows properly and then releasing it from the mind, so it becomes a being and it starts having a reality of its own. Though, it takes quite a bit of effort to get to that point.

I hope this makes sense.

July 14, 2017, 05:03:29 am
Animal spirits Here I am going to write a little bit of my knowledge and research about animal spirits. I am going to write things based of my personal experience. A lot of my knowledge on the subject can be related to shamanism, animal totems, but I am not going to reference it, instead, I am going to share my synthesis of knowledge.

The first thing that I want to mention is that interestingly enough, everyone who is spiritually developed will have at least 1 animal associated with them, but they might not know about it. Those who are not spiritually developed, also have an animal associated with them, but the energy might be blocked.

It does not take a lot of time to notice that every deity, God, Goddess, demon, etc also have animals associated with them. They can also manifest as animals.

The animal spirit can be anything... Mammal, insect, bird, aquatic, reptile...

There are 2 general directions which one could take work with animal spirits. One is to try to find the animals that are already within you and invoke their energy, second is to try to attract and invoke energy of those that are not yet within you. It is quite easy to invoke animal energy even if the animal is not yet associated with you, but it is a bit more difficult to make a new animal spirit stay with you.

Work with animal spirits has several major benefits and I havent found any risk in it. Among benefits, you can change yourself... You can also empower yourself... You will have a spiritual familiar... You can learn a lot... Evocation of other spirits becomes easier.

Because animals are part of Gaia, same as you, introduction of their energy into you is easy, I would say that it is easier to introduce animal energy into yourself then to introduce energy of Moon or Sun, though, I might be exageratting. An Animal spirit is more likely to help you ground yourself then mess something up, at least from my experience.

Animal spirits reside within you, so to sense them, you need to search within yourself, instead of outside yourself. For some it might be easy to meet their animal manifestation by asking questions "if I were an animal, which animal would I be?" and then analyzing their behaviour and comparing it to the behaviour of that specific animal for confirmation... After that, one can meditate on the idea to meet their animal manifestation... Depending on the development of your senses, it should be easy to recieve a vision of from animal spirit.

Communication with an animal spirit is a bit harder then finding it, as they usually do not speak, though they might... But it is more likely that you will have as much success communicating with an animal spirit as much you have success with communicating with living animals. Basically, like having a pet, but a spirit pet.

Benefits come from merging with the energy of the animal... Invocation of that animal... Being partially possessed by the animal... Using it as a familiar... Spells and rituals can be created and performed with the assistance of animal spirit.

When ever working with an animal spirit, you should do research on the specific animal... Their symbolism in occult... Their actualy behaviour... Look at several photos and videos with the animal... Meditate on it. It will help you to connect with it and also know what kind of benefit it gives you.

Thats a start of an article... I would appreciate comments and ideas about how I should format this.

July 15, 2017, 05:14:11 am
Re: The inner struggle I cant help, but feel that you are feeling bad from some inner programming... Expectations of society... Ideas about what is succesful human put into you by someone else... Ideas about who is supposedly attractive that were created by someone else.

And it seems that both parts of the struggle are following those programs. Please, forgive me, but I want to call you on every sentence that you have said.

"Half of me feels that I'm stuck at my mom's forever"
Why would it be wrong to live with your family to start with? Well, you might want to have house of your own, that is okay, but, I might be wrong, it feels to me like you want to live separately not because it is something you want, but rather because it is something you are supposed to do.

"A loser"
Can you define what "loser" is? You can call yourself anything you want, but why do you pick that specific title? Is it something that you feel others would call you? Well, I am not going to call you a loser.

"Bound to be single based on the fact that the only girl I could get was apparently awful"
Well, it is easier to think bad things about the other person after break up, to make it easier to get over it, but really from the very little you have described about her, I do not think that she is awful... Well, the only thing that you have said about her is "a girl of low self esteem"... Why is it wrong to have low self esteem? I mean, I think that humans with low self esteem are cute and adorable, it makes me feel like a mother/father to them and I have fun that way.

Why any of you 2 would be bad? You have your own traits of personality and someone in the world is going to love you for those traits. Both "bad' and "good" ones.

"other part of me feels strong and confident"
Well then you are in fact strong and confident, but something is just blocking those energies in you, making them feel repressed. Maybe, you can meditate on it, removing blocks, letting you be who you are, regardless of your environment.

"accepting of the fact that many young people live at home for a bit"
Thats wasnt a case historically... At sparta young people lived in military camps as an example.

"I don't know which side is right"
I think that it might be better for you to think about what you want to be and work towards it rather then think of what you are.

Also, I want to ask, do you lack vanity in your life?

Also, I wish to share with you: you might find some nice random quotes there after search.

July 24, 2017, 05:49:35 am
Re: Worship I have thought about things like that and where do common religions go wrong with it...

I view worship as a form of admiration and it does not even have to be directed towards a deity. Humans often worship other humans all the time. You might want to worship a deity of your choice for the same reason, you might want to say "thank you" to someone.

The very first problem that religions like christianity is that it says "you MUST worship".

The problem is not with the submission in any form. The problem is that someone says that everyone is supposed to do it. I believe that lhp means to say that you should have a free will and do what ever you want... any "you should do this" becomes the opposite of such idea. I view that one should pray to a deity is an example of what we are always taught we should do. Following that teaching would be a denial of free will... but following the idea "you should never do this" is effectively the same.

Just some thoughts for you to think about. You might be being effectively submissive towards lhp ideas. You might be making lhp into your doctorine. It might also be not a wrong thing to do. You might be LEARNING to cast aside what you LEARN.

Edit: interaction of needs with a free will is a separate topic to think about, separate from the topic of worship at least. I have some thoughts on it, I might share them if you are interested.

August 10, 2017, 07:08:40 am
Re: How did you come upon the Left-Hand Path? I have been looking for occult for as long as I can remember myself. I like this specific belief "once a witch/warlock, forever a witch/warlock". I can connect with that specific belief as I believe that I was studying occult in my past lives as well. Though, I feel that I have awakened at the age of 17. I didnt have any specific direction in what to study and my knowledge was lacking, before I turned 17. Soon after I felt connection with several spirits, darkness archetypes that taught me a lot. I do not feel like any specific book influenced me to be a LHP, I feel that I have been LHP the moment I have awakened and later discovered that my beliefs should be called LHP.

Before awakening, I was a christian. It would be more accurate to say that I became dark pagan then a satanist. Right now, I am 23, I have been practicing dark magic for 6 years and spiritually I feel much better than before.

August 17, 2017, 05:45:16 pm