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Re: Introductions Hello Everyone,

  My name is Km Anu, I am 25, I live in the frozen north. I worship those in the starts to better know myself, and so far that's going great. My current focus is expression in all aspects of life. Expression of will, expression of desire, expression of passion, ect. I believe expression to be the most powerful modality for causing change and an amazing tool for thought transmutation. I questioned Catholicism at the age of 19 in 2013, discovered Zen, tantra, alchemy, eventually Wicca and now I think I'm just a pile of those things. Most of my techniques are self taught or developed, I don't have many teachers. I have a partner that is less internet active, but she specializes in music whereas I lean towards visual arts and aestheticism.  Furthermore, I try and be trans formative and malleable. I have observed connections in my life with Deities and Daimon, and learned much from them and the books I read. Sometimes I produce instructional literature on my techniques. I am excited to join a community of people that seem like-minded and serious, and am excited to work with all of you. Thank you for your presence and for accepting mine.

July 17, 2019, 09:30:28 am
Re: The Anthology of Km Anu

This is the language of it, an any modality guide to creating effective sigils for more than one use, and the first step to developing a personal alphabet of desire or language of the inner realm.

July 17, 2019, 10:44:29 am
Atlantis I've tried not to really form an opinion but just idle web browsing led me down a bit of a rabbit hole, and now I'm here. seems like it hasn't been very thoroughly investigated. Any thoughts? 
July 19, 2019, 11:43:23 pm
More sigils, helping someone on reddit. I have ADHD and I often create confusing educational material. Someone was asking help with the language of it, so here's what we got
July 20, 2019, 02:15:05 am
Re: The Anthology of Km Anu Good morning,

  I spend much of my time trying to relate my current occult practice to my job and enriching the lives of my patients. Over the last five years, I've made quite the comprehensive doctrine of mental illness and will in my head, but have never had a reason to write any of it down anywhere. And being a person that experiences mental illness, this doesn't seem very fair. For example, anxiety is a phenomenon that is common in my day to day life and I often see it as one of those tacked on effects of more severe mental illness, but I suspect it likely a cause. People attribute anxiety to stress but in reality there are many different kinds of stress and anxiety is only one effect of many varying stressors a person can have. There are certain truths I can speak having experienced them directly and they are as follows.

 Self confidence is an attribute of will. Will in and of itself is a difficult concept to properly elucidate, simply because it means many things to many people, especially in the occult. I would say that most of the herd confuses will with motivation, when in fact motivation is a feature of will along with other sensations or mind states to include hyperactive, upset, confused, ect. These are all motivators of will. Will to me in this moment and for this writing is defined as a person's mental ability to initiate and complete change either within or without themselves. I see many people with mental illness day in and down out struggle with personal confidence and as a result their will is stunted. Furthermore many of these severe cases do not have support from their peers or community. We all know what it feels like to be rejected, but many people who frequent short term acute care facilities lack acceptance from ANY community to include family, neighbors, work if they can even find it, ect. Independence is taken over time and they forget their own capacity for change. Most lay people can't just change their minds about how they feel about a moral concept when upset, even if they have an amazing system to re-enforce their will. Basically, if you do not care for yourself, and everyone tells you can't care for yourself that consensus will become your reality. Thoughts become actions, actions become manifest thoughts, and the whole thing starts over again in reverse. A truly kind and compassionate person cares not for the destitute or decides to accept them. They would harden the will of the lost or leave them alone all together. The givers give improperly, I would know I am one of them. Only by become humble before those we see as weak can we lift them to a place of self love. Love the self and so love the world :facepalm:

July 20, 2019, 08:54:22 pm
Re: The Anthology of Km Anu YES!!!

So I went through a trans formative period in my life at 18 that was plagued with strange symbolic dreams containing reoccurring symbolism I still experience to this day. Often I see a dark-haired lighter skinned (Like me, kind of red toned but slightly brown) woman with grey eyes. Almost always on a beach with black sands and a really big blue colored moon. Whats neat is that I kept extensive journals of this period as I was in military school with nothing to do. Unfortunately I later began to believe them cursed and gave them to my mom to hold on to, now they're somewhere in her cluttered house.

The big bummer for me is the lost of the symbols, especially considering my expression-based focus as of late.

July 23, 2019, 02:06:16 pm
Chamber of Night Good morning,

  A while ago I experimented with a legal psychoactive plant called sinicuichi. This was macerated for two weeks and ingested with some grapefruit juice and a little of the spirit used for the extraction. The resulting trip was odd, mild, mostly uneventful, and relaxing. I found the effect to be sort of like being in the sunken place from get out. My vision was a little tunneled and sounds sounded extremely distant. The effect was similar to being in an empty church with someone talking elsewhere. I am working on combining this with my rite of reflection (I know, I've yet to release that) but keep running into things that need their own guides. Hopefully everything will be done by the 15th.

July 26, 2019, 05:43:44 pm
Re: Left Hand Path Quotes "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die." -Abdul Alhazred (lol)
August 01, 2019, 08:42:33 am
A Daily Working of Angular magic. An adaptation of another ritual. Source reference attached below.

Stand facing NORTH, arms hanging relaxed at you side, feet forward at a 90 degree angle with heels touching. (position of ATTENTION to those familiar.) Say:

"Nine turns I know that reveal procession of my thoughts and deeds."

Raise your LEFT hand in the sign of horns. Say:

"I know a first, the seed holding all that is to be."

Raise your RIGHT hand in the sign of horns. Say:

"I know what follows, the hallowed dread woven of emptiness."

Raise BOTH arms above your head in a V. Say:

"I know a third, the bridge spanning the rift between the self and all the worlds."

Cross your arms upon you chest LEFT OVER RIGHT, fists clenched. Say:

“I know a fourth, the stead of awakening made whole.”

ABOUT FACE and read these lines at attention.

“I know a fifth, the knowledge of knowledge.”
“I know a sixth, the riddle of the hidden lying in wait.”
“I know a seventh, the coming of mindfulness taken hold.”
“I know an eighth, wherin the truths of reshaping are told.”
“And I know a Nineth, the Dark Fire that cleaves Self from the flow of woe.”

Turn LEFT and stand with arms open. Close arms slowly, bringing palms together as if clapping, uniting the angles.

“Illuminating to those wise of the angles. Useless to those blind to the stars."

adapted from a ritual found in Infernal Geometry and the Left-Hand Path by Toby Chappellp213 the bond of the nine angles

This is a daily ritual which serves to create a working familiarity within the nine angles system

August 08, 2019, 02:06:02 pm
On sigils, symbols, and Semiotics Expanding sigil creation beyond the word method changed the way I thought about sigils altogether. I’m sure we’ve all at some time, perhaps early in our curiosity, wondered about magical symbols, sigils, and languages. From Harry Potter to the Tanakh symbols are used to represent ideas. In fact, as you read this you are using the symbols that I utilized to type this to absorb the information. We have found a way to leave representations of our thoughtforms and share them almost like a colony of ants using only our hands, ears, and mouths. Recognising this process gives the practitioner the ability to change their environment by expressing onto it. Here we will explore Sigils in relation to Semiotic theory before exploring when and how we can use them as a working of lesser black magic or in a working of greater black magic. We will discuss how we can express our thoughts in forms chosen by the mind to more effectively navigate it.

Charles Sanders Peirce defined Semiotics as “quasi-necessary, or formal doctrine of signs", which abstracts "what must be the characters of all signs used by ... an intelligence capable of learning by experience,” in 1978. In relation to magic, we can use Semiotic techniques to evaluate or initiate change in the subjective universe. By identifying the symbols we currently use, we can make new ones to benefit our lives and our practice. Similarly, we can use these in our current workings to illuminate their depths and create better methods of commanding our own will once we are trained in recognizing the patterns that govern our reality.

From the beginning of this sentence you have been thinking in symbols. Most of us learn first to speak, and later to write by making annotations that correspond to vocalizations. By reading these and imagining the vocalizations in your head, you convert the writing to inner speech, and then into an idea. Familiarization with the language makes for ease of use. You see a dog and you think DOG. The word is the thought. When you think I you are I. Language is a type of symbol we use to identify our subjective universe. Symbols do not always have to correspond to a physical object or event, and can be used to identify many different thought forms. The important thing to note is that they quickly and effectively express elements of the subjective universe in the objective universe.

As a lesser magic operation, sigil creation holds up as its own practice. A symbol can be molded to represent any preconceived thought-form, and it is in its expression its value is illuminated. A.O Spare presented my first experiences with sigil magic in his Book of Pleasure, where methods for creating sigils using techniques now popular amongst Chaotes can be found along with ideas of self-love and subjective discovery.  In my experience, Practical sigil magic by Frater U∴D∴ gives all the same content only presented in a way that is less “End all in magic,” about sigil magic. Regardless, my techniques find their roots in these two volumes, and I recommend them to anyone that wishes to further explore sigil magic or develop their own system. From there, we learn very simple methods of creating and banishing sigils. That act itself is an illustrative and expressive form of lesser black magic, and as another forum user pointed out to me not long ago, can be used as a form of expressive meditation.

 In The Language of It  I outlined a method for both creating and storing sigils for later use. This is to prepare the reader for construction of a magical language for any use, and so that results can be easily documented and tracked. Revelations of the subjective realm that seem to radiate into sigils (things people refer to as flare or signature) are also more easily recognisable. The application of such a constructed language would be similar to Yuggothic R’lyehian used in the Ceremony of the Nine Angles. In fact, an invented language wouldn’t be a far cry from Enochian, an ‘Angelic’ language invented by John Dee and used by the Golden Dawn. To communicate directly and effectively with the subjective realm, to express into the world of horrors, and to build a psychodrama that breaks down barriers during the ritual. For more information on R’lyehian, check out Infernal Geometry and the Left Hand Path by Toby Chappell, appendix B.

No matter the application, while the popular method of creating an entirely new system to study the symbols we think in is utilized by many occult groups, there is a wealth of current information available for free to the public. The value in expanding and focusing this field of study is immediately recognizable, and those who forge their own path in the darkness are rewarded tenfold for their efforts. It is now the duty of those who are curious to unite the information, and use it in new and interesting ways. May the planes of existence be covered in the fruits of the inner worlds.

August 13, 2019, 05:41:52 pm