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Re: Last Movie You Watched I just thought the villian lost it all when revealed. It was amazingly done until the very end even in night vision but up close it was too silly.
August 18, 2018, 03:16:50 pm
Re: Left Hand Path Quotes ""I sought out the laws which govern nature, solid or ethereal, and after much pondering I perceived that the Universe had not been formed as its pretended Creator would have us believe; I knew that all that exists, exists of itself and not by the caprice of Iahveh; that the world is itself its own creator and the spirit its own God. Henceforth I despised Iahveh for his imposture, and I hated him because he showed himself to be opposed to all that I found desirable and good: liberty, curiosity, doubt.”

- Revolt of the Angels

August 20, 2018, 01:02:23 am
Re: Left Hand Path Quotes “As to ourselves, celestial spirits, sublime demons, we have destroyed Ialdabaoth, our Tyrant, if in ourselves we have destroyed Ignorance and Fear." “…We were conquered because we failed to understand that Victory is a Spirit, and that it is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack and destroy Ialdabaoth.”

- Revolt of the Angels

August 20, 2018, 01:02:51 am
The Diabolicon is long, here is a SparkNotes version I made Diabolicon in short:

After uncounted ages of this great ferment, a force fused to focus that became God, and this force presumed to effect not the creation of substance and energy - for these transcended this God - but the conformation of all the Universe to a single and supreme order... And yet the force was not full master of the Cosmos, for I who am Satan was conceived to complement the craft of God, but through unknown celestial fusion I assumed life with mind and identity, which God did not define...

And then it chanced that one of our race who was Sammael touched upon chaos in a manner that conformed not to the great order, and Masleh spoke with the word of God and caused Sammael to destroy himself. And so I saw that God would not recognize a Will apart from its own, and I was seized with horror, for I perceived that the final scheme of God would destroy creation in all things, and the Cosmos would become as a concentric mechanism whose function would be not to create anew, but rather to freeze into perpetuity that which already was... Whereupon a great resolve arose within me, and I determined to contest this limit to existence. and so once again I sought to illuminate the minds of all angels with my visions

Then Michael turned to me and said, "Lucifer, thou host elected a direction whose end none can foresee, for it is estranged from the design of God. Those who confirm thee do so as much for faith in thy person as for sanction of thy ideal. And I perceive that, should thou fail in thy ambition, apocalyptic madness shall be thy ruin and damnation. Then shall thy light perish, and all that thou host achieved become as naught, for all will be conformed to the divine law... And so I know thee to be Diabolus, for thy promise is twofold - to infinite conquest or to eternal ruin. Thou art a being beyond God, Lucifer, and in Heaven thou may not remain, for thou art the only mortal danger to our Immortal God." In Michael was a deep agony of spirit, for he loved not the choice before him. Yet he bowed to the command of Masleh and sent his forces against me. and so was called the Great Seraphic War, which was to threaten the very foundation of the Universe....

[Lucifer responded] "Masleh, thou who speak for God declare this breach of peace, not I, for it is thou who can not tolerate variation of Will within the design of God. So let it be, but know that the contest is ordered by thee and thee alone, for I would crush no other Will even as I would recognize my own!"

But those who were of the new mind now followed me, and I turned to outermost Chaos, which none of us had before presumed to dare. We were beset with doubt, for we feared that apart from God we would all perish in chaotic oblivion. But as we were, we remained, and I called to my fellowship, "See! We exist and are essence in our own right. In truth we are beings independent of God, empowered to shape our own destinies as we may elect. Between the two great poles of the Universe, order and chaos, we shall stand to effect our several desires!"

I, Lucifer, who had given the greatest Gift of my own creation to man, was known on Earth only as an object of fear and hatred, and all the misfortunes of men were attributed to my malevolence. I was mocked, ridiculed, scorned in every way as a monster of vile and loathsome aspect, and I was taunted and despised as Satan, cruel enemy of the benevolent and merciful God. Great was my anguish and anger at the undeserved misery and confusion of men. When in fact they did turn to me, it was in fear and religious terror. For they dared invoke my name only in the desolation of night, and oft I was sought not for knowledge or inspiration, but for hysterical and indulgent release from the confines of the Godly life. But I and my fellowship answered men, and we spoke to them of our common bond, and the pronouncements of the God-churches were rejected in our midst. Even as God was terrifying in awesome majesty, so I came to Earth in the semblance of a goat, most humble of man's own creatures. And men there were whose eyes finally blazed with the light of my Gift...

Lose not thyself in the Will of Lucifer, for I am not God and will offer thee no blissful Nirvana...  see that I am not a God, and that we are each of us an isolate being. Here shall freedom be absolute, for Hell Itself shall reflect our several Wills, never to be patterned apart from them... With the power of his Black Flame I hath created a Hell, wherein all Wills are equal... I shall not come to man as an idol to be worshipped, for man shall never bow to me as I would never to another. But mark me, Messiah - man shall know the truth of Lucifer nonetheless, and the name of Satan shall eclipse thine... Man must create his own order independent of all external imposition. And not until he masters this power may he aspire to the end of his Satanic evolution.

August 20, 2018, 02:14:23 am
Re: Upcoming Book Almost finished.
August 21, 2018, 09:45:27 pm
Re: "The Satanic Bible" by Michael Aquino I'm excited, getting it when I get paid

August 22, 2018, 03:01:34 pm
My Esoteric Library (limited to 50 pics)
August 22, 2018, 07:29:23 pm
Re: Typhonian Current/Trilogies (Kenneth Grant-related)
I once wrote an essay on how Nuit/Hadit/Ra are Yog Sothoth/Azathoth/Nyarlathotep. Will look for it real quick between movies!

Giving The Book of the Law a Lovecraftian twist

The Book of the Law is mostly well known in occultism, but a brief summary may as well be given. The first chapter of the book is “spoken” by the goddess Nuit (though the only real “speaker” is Aiwass). Nuit represents the mystical “All”, all time and space, all particles, all levels of reality, however you, personally understand the All to be (I’m told I’m too bland). The second chapter, the speaker of which is Hadit, is any point, of any size, within the center of Nuit (who is infinite, remember). It is the point at the center of the sphere. From each quantum wave to each atom, each individual mind to each galaxy, Hadit represents that point of any size. I compare it to the Egyptian idea of “Ka”, the divine spark, and it is related to things like the Kundalini serpent. Finally, the final chapter is spoken by Ra, Ruler of the Two Horizons, who is clearly “the visible object of worship” (AL III:22). He represents the destruction of the old religions, old ways, and so on.

In the works of Lovecraft, there are three “Other Gods” who all exist at the same time, but in complicated and, often, poorly misunderstood ways. These three entities are Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, and Nyarlathotep. The way these gods act and coexist within the mythology seems almost contradictory, and it took a long, nerdy time to figure out how the connection made sense.

Yog-Sothoth is an exact equivalent to the goddess of Thelema, Nuit. It is described as the “All in One”, and is the ruler of (or is, Itself) Time and Space. It is the omniscient all that knows every secret of the universe.

Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God, is the mindless quantum fluctuations that spasmodically create all reality. Of course, in Lovecraft, as in many occult groups, these fluctuations are thought to be related to an actual force or entity, rather than how it’s viewed in simple materialism. Azathoth represents this force/entity, who if woken would destroy all reality. This identically mimics the role of Hadit in Thelema, who is always the center of the sphere, and who, in awakening, can launch its venom upon the earth.

Finally, Nyarlathotep is the “soul of the Other Gods”, and is the “crawling chaos”. Like Ra in The Book of the Law, this is the only manifested form of the entities that exists in our universe. It is the visible object of worship related to the Other Gods. As is well known by readers of Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep is prophesized to bring the destruction of the universe, resurrect the Old Ones, let Yog-Sothoth “back in” (whatever that means), and even possibly to awake Azathoth. These, again, are the exact same archetype.

As a closing thought, it is interesting to me that these correspondences exist, especially considering the strong occult relationship between Lovecraft and Crowley posited by Levenda, Steadman, and other. Further, it paints a rather terrifying picture of Thelema, once again we see it in strict opposition to the Solar Religions it pretends to mimic.

August 23, 2018, 07:08:23 pm
Re: Typhonian Current/Trilogies (Kenneth Grant-related) Actually Grant very much believed in the works of Lovecraft, believing Lovecraft tapped into the same source as Crowley. He thought they were another interpretation of the same things Crowley was interpreting.

Peter Levenda's "The Dark Lord" covers all this in depth and I highly recommend it!

August 24, 2018, 01:13:06 pm
"Behold: The Prince of Darkness!" by Ryan Scott aka Xepera maSet My book is out!!!!

August 24, 2018, 02:09:46 pm