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Re: Old Man Aquino: No Chill Frater vim Thank you for posting. I admire and respect Aquino (to say the least) to meet him would be an honor. I enjoyed those copies. The man has his Setian shit together ! There is a lot to be learned from him. I am currently reading a book of his called Mind Wars. I've even seen a few YouTube videos of him being interviewed on camera by other LHP practitioners and he's really a joy to listen to also has a neat "tongue-in-cheek"style sense of humor. Forgive if any of my reply seems hard to read, attempting this from a Droid Turbo keyboard not easy ha-ha and I'm a new user. Loving this forum.
April 21, 2019, 11:46:45 pm
Re: What do you make of this? - contradictions in the Separator glyph Hey thank you for posting that fiance is African/Egyptian and can read glyphs too. Nice that you nailed that one down. The principle of isolate intelligence.
April 21, 2019, 11:51:44 pm
Re: 8 souls Enjoyed this entire post. Intelligent individuals are such as breath of fresh air when we are all daily bombarded with the average stupidity level of most people. I'm familiar with the Band Ka things tho admittedly not an speaking metaphysically...where would something like 3rd eye type abilities fall? Or am I in the wrong realm of subject matter. Any of your input appreciated. Thanks for reading
April 22, 2019, 12:02:08 am
Re: Introductions Hi im C-WRONG or you can call me by my username here which is NatashaSetesh. I'm 45 , a non affiliated LHP practitioner for 30 years, I favor TOS materials and stance as my reading choices and experience and progress in XEPER. I started when I was 15: The Satanic Bible and 3 other Anton LaVey books, around the age of 29 I gravitated over to The Temple of Sets literature. Uncle Sehknacts Guide to the Left Hand Path by Don Webb and The Seven Faces of Darkness, as well as some of  Aquino's works and books, The Mysteries of Temple of Set and others also Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers PHD. The literature and methods etc in the TOS have enriched my life in so many ways that it is my goal to seek affiliation and stop procrastinating (haha). Im on here to read pistings and enjoy interactions and exchange ideas with other Setians. I'm a fine artist of acrylic paintings(Giger-esque type aliens), a tattoo artist, a composer and producer of Electronic Music, an actress, and other studies in which my natural talents and abilities are highlighted. I have NO kids and don't want any, but have lots of pets because I do love animals. Currently I have 2 cats, and about 100 African Cichlids in 10 tanks. I breed Red Top Lwanda Cichlids. Thanks for reading , Xeper
April 22, 2019, 12:28:01 am
Re: Magic Askew 2.0 Onyx, I enjoyed that file, I especially liked the lighting ideas, I as someone who regularly practices LBM & GBM have definitely overlooked the black lighting idea so Thank you very much.
April 22, 2019, 10:11:47 pm
Re: Index of Terms That was enjoyable, I feel so old school as some of those were newer ones I did not know.  Lol, you youngsters these days with your akronymns(?!) j/k I have a few other Setian related ones I can add...just three, they are:

PoII :  Principle of Isolate Intelligence

SAS :  Sorcerers Apprentice Syndrome

XSIID :  Xeper, so it is done!

April 22, 2019, 10:22:19 pm
Re: First authorized and official Order of the Serpent pendant
Oh :( this project. This is on hold, none of the makers have been able to make a high enough quality pendent. One pealed, one looked ghetto as hell, one was literally sideways, and one you couldn't see. Then I bought a house and furniture and an engagement ring and haven't had the money for the project. Started a new job today though so soon!

Haha wasn't expecting the word ghetto in there. Were you trying to make it from surgical or stainless steel? The reason I ask is I think the steel is the best way to go as it does not discolor, looks just like silver, never tarnishes, and it's about half the price of silver (which now costs what gold used to cost) it keeps your investment down and profit up plus lol it's harder to sell stuff like that when it's hundreds , just a thought, and I really hope you stumble on a solution and decide let us know 👻 Thanks for reading and good luck in your endeavors👽Xeper

April 25, 2019, 02:15:15 pm