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From indoctrination to the path to freedom I have a friend who has been raised as a JW his entire life.  I was completely ignorant to their actual beliefs until just recently when we had a long discussion about it.  At one point I had asked him how it felt to follow his religion yet also entertain certain things that it forbids, and he replied that he understood the consequences and fully accepted them.  At the time it made no sense to me, because I didn't know what those consequences actually were.  In our recent discussion I was actually talking quite a bit about some things I read in the Symbolism of the Serpent thread on this forum, and I asked him if he believed that the Christian interpretation was a scare tactic, to which he replied 'No, but I do believe hell is a scare tactic'.  This is when I found out that JW do not believe in hell.  It brought more light to what he had said before, and he confirmed that he believes if he does not follow his religion to the tee, when he dies his soul will simply disappear, and those were the consequences that he had accepted. 

I went on to talk about the Left Hand Path and various parts of Luciferian philosophy, specifically the remaking of the self into a god through various means.  He seemed incredibly interested, but kept telling me that everything he had ever been taught was practically screaming at him in his head the entire time.   He's a very open minded person and I think the discussion went pretty well all things considered.

Is it likely that someone can overcome such indoctrination and seek true knowledge?  Most people seem blissfully ignorant and content in their bubble even if they are aware that there's a whole storm of liberation raging outside of it.

Changed the topic title to something a bit more fitting since the general idea of the thread is a bit more open ended than just one particular set of beliefs.

October 03, 2018, 04:10:53 pm
Re: From indoctrination to the path to freedom Personally I came from a heavily Christian upbringing.  As well as I can remember, we started out as Church of Christ, moved a few churches, and eventually wound up at a Southern Baptist church.  At one point we attended a church which had a special youth group known as the Royal Rangers.  Not sure if anyone is familiar with them, but they have an interesting logo.

Each point represents something different, and we were expected to memorize all of it.  There was other odd stuff they had us do but I honestly can't remember most of it.  We didn't last very long at this church as it was more geared towards middle-upper class folks in the area, which we most definitely were not.

By the time I was in junior high I was WAY over all of it, so it didn't take much to push me into the idea of anything that might oppose the status quo.  After going through atheism, 'satanism'(I had little to no understanding of actual Satanism, I was just keen on pushing against the current), and agnosticism, I finally found my way to the ideas of chaos magick and luciferianism.  This was some years ago, and I never really put any of it to practice.  I just recently decided that it's time to actually try and forge my way down this path.  I guess it was just so simple for me to leave everything in Christianity behind because I never really FELT anything. It was all just monotonous follow the motions type garbage to me.  My mom was never really opposed to me finding my own way, but I also never really provided any details of 'my own way' other than it not being Christianity.  My father always fully supported me no matter what, and would gladly listen to me ramble on excitedly.  We spent a lot of time tripping together and had more than a couple odd experiences.  He introduced me to a lot of amazing concepts, and psytrance which eventually got me looking into Hinduism and Shamanism fairly heavily for a while.  All in all it's actually been pretty easy for me to break away from my initial programming, and I've always tried to be open to the possibility of new ideas replacing my old concepts rather than clinging to them for some sort of nostalgia or general bullheaded-ness.

October 03, 2018, 10:43:23 pm
Re: Philosophy of Grant Morrison Found Flex Mentallo pretty easily, though I don't really like reading online I will since I don't have much other choice that I've found (yet)

If anyone is interested I can upload the full Invisibles to Google Drive or something, but you need a CBR reader for the files.

EDIT: Forgot to add the link

Down the rabbit hole I go then

October 04, 2018, 12:01:55 am
Re: Moderately cheezy 'occult' musicians
I wouldn't say that he was "cheezy", but Graham Bond had released some good albums based on Thelema:
Love Is the Law (1969), Holy Magick (1970), and We Put Our Magick on You (1971).

It sounds bluesish almost bordering on gospel. All about Thelema and better than I had described them.

I'm actually really digging that, thanks for sharing it.

October 06, 2018, 04:45:18 pm