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Re: What are you reading? Greetings,

Currently in a deep study of Egoism and Individual Anarchism.

The Ego and it's Own by Max Stirner
The Joy of Egoism
There is No Free Society by George Palente
What is Society?
The Egoist Encyclopedia by Wolfi Landstreicher
Nihilism by Brett Stevens

It is very interesting to dive into an expansive study of the Ego, or as Stirner calls it, the Unique One. This is not to be confused with the Freudian Ego.

Connecting this with the Potential of Satan, or for our Setian friends the PoD or Gift of Set, it quite an interesting discovery. RHP ideology (both political and relgious) attempts to stifle this Unique One and assimilate Self into a sum total. The promethian LHP works to actualize and foster the growth of The Unique One.

November 27, 2017, 02:18:49 am
Greetings Hello all,

My username is Cabshear, feel free to call me Chris.

I have been routed here from the Satanism subreddit. I am very happy to be here. I have a long history with the Left Hand Path. Since I was 20 years old I have been involved with both Satanism (as defined by Anton Szandor LaVey) as well as some extensive time studying Setian Philosophy, of which I was a member of the ToS for nearly 2 years. I have read through some other material, such as Ford's Luciferian philosophy. While I am respectful toward Ford's attempt to strike out and develop his own philosophy, I was not very impressed with his work.

 I am also a member of the Rune Guild, and have spent time within the 9 Doors of Midgard curriculum. It is a pleasure to be here and be involved in the discussion!



November 27, 2017, 02:37:10 am
Re: What are you playing? Fortunately my work allows me time to experience sometime enjoying video games. While I spend more time in the pursuits of study, weight lifting, and other hobbies.

Currently, I am enjoying Just Cause 3. While I am not a massive fan of sandbox themed games, for some reason this one is extremely enjoyable. When I am not playing that I enjoy my Halo collection or Fallout 4.

November 27, 2017, 02:40:34 am
Re: Last Movie You Watched The last movie I enjoyed at a theater was Jigsaw. It was actually quite nice! It was me and three other people, who all sat in the back. So, essentially, I had most of the theater to myself to enjoy the film.

Next on my list is to acquire a copy of the Devil's Rain.

November 27, 2017, 02:43:11 am
Epicureanism vs. Hedonism within Satanism Greetings,

I think a common misunderstanding with Satanism is the idea that it allows or encourages Hedonism, which would be a haphazard, undisciplined and irrational pursuit of pleasure. In the rare times I have to explain Satanism, since I usually keep it to myself (at least until someone stumbles into my Intellectual Decompression Chamber) I am very quick to explain that, as a Satanist, I consider myself Epicurean and not Hedonistic.

Rand saw Hedonism as the other side of the altruistic coin. Where altruism demanded my sacrifice to others, hedonism would be my expectation of others to sacrifice their interest for me. Also, I would consider Hedonism to be what Ayn Rand called: Whim Worship. This would be emotional thinking, essentially flying by the seat of your pants and acting for pleasure with impunity. It is irrational self interest and tends to not only be destructive toward the people you care about, but can also be self destructive. IMO, I see hedonism as the resulting behavior of unconscious Egoism. Hedonism results from compulsive irrational self interest. Once a healthy Egoism is formed in the Satanist then the Carnal aspect can be accepted and celebrated from a rational perspective.

Further, I draw another conclusion inspired from a chapter in The Satanic Scriptures. In the book Magus Gilmore describes the Carnals and the Etherals. Etherals are divided against themselves, splitting themselves up because it is hard for them to accept the Ego. IMO, this incessant need to constantly be divided against one's own Self makes for serious confusion and personal anguish. This can lead to an unhealthy approach toward pleasure. Carnals, who can accept themselves and don't need to constant be at war with who they are can have a healthy and rational approach toward pleasure and enjoyment.

I hold that one cannot achieve happiness by random, arbitrary or subjective means. One can achieve happiness only on the basis of rational values. By rational values, I do not mean anything that a man may arbitrarily or blindly declare to be rational. -Ayn Rand in a Playboy Interview 1964

Rand was one of many philosophers that inspired Anton LaVey's Satanism. I enjoy her works, and agree with her assertion. Random, chaotic, arbitary pleasures are un-Satanic, Satanism doesn't support chaotic and destructive behavior like Drug and Alcohol abuse.

Epicurianism, while it is a form of hedonism, does not share in the colloquial definition of modern hedonism.

In modern popular usage, an epicurean is a connoisseur of the arts of life and the refinements of sensual pleasures; epicureanism implies a love or knowledgeable enjoyment especially of good food and drinkā€”see the definition of gourmet at Wiktionary.

Because Epicureanism posits that pleasure is the ultimate good (telos), it has been commonly misunderstood since ancient times as a doctrine that advocates the partaking in fleeting pleasures such as constant partying, sexual excess and decadent food. This is not the case. Epicurus regarded ataraxia (tranquility, freedom from fear) and aponia (absence of pain) as the height of happiness. He also considered prudence an important virtue and perceived excess and overindulgence to be contrary to the attainment of ataraxia and aponia.
-Epicureanism from Wikipedia

So, essentially as a Satanist I prefer to being a personal "connoisseur" of good food, good drink, friends, and a generally well balanced and reasonable good time. Not a constant wreak-less, destructive, and mindless hedonism. This would violate the law of Self Preservation, not to mention the possibility of putting others in harms way. Also, as a side note there is no refusal or abnegation of Self-Discipline within the Satanic Philosophy. As a matter of fact, for myself, ritual has been a useful method for building self discipline not just with good food and drink, but also within the Gym.

November 27, 2017, 04:25:31 am
Re: Greetings
Welcome, Cabshear! I see you're already active. :) Look forward to seeing you around.

Ah, the rune gild! I really want to join one day after I feel i'm proficient enough in Runes to do so. How do you like it?

I'm not on there a ton, however, I enjoyed working thru the cirriculum and studying its concepts. I believe alot of it started with Dr. Flowers' work Black Runa. That Set and Odinn are the same.

 An enormous amount of knowledge about the runes is not nessessary to start in the curriculum. The 9 Doors contains book lists for each subsequent door. The best to start with would be Futhark by Edred Thorson PhD.

It's been a long time since, but you can actually obtain a copy of the 9 doors from amazon. It's not the same as the one sent to you by the Guild. But, its a good place to start.

Welcome :) You and I both have something in common, I was originally an adherent myself to LaVeys Satanism before I studied Setian Philosophy myself. I was a very closed minded person back then, my curiosity however got the best of me.

I actually came to delve more into Setian Philosophy. Such a major bummer that Setian medallions are not as easily obtainable as Sigils of Baphomet. I miss my white "degree cookie" as it was called. Haha!

November 27, 2017, 11:13:21 am
Re: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set? I always appreicated Satan/Set/PoD as an inner potential that expands out from the Black Magician. It reminds me of my most favorite line from the Word of Set:

I am within you and beyond you, the Highest of Life.

Tapping into an expansive supernornal potential within the Self brings about not just the possibility of synchronicity, but also self growth and self knowledge. I always consider ritual to be an apprehension of the apeiron, the boundless. Normally, people never really go near this aspect of themselves.

November 27, 2017, 02:44:26 pm
Re: My thoughts on Fatalism The term for this would be Amor Fati, for the love of fate. Used by Nietzsche in his writings, it would also fall in line with that of the Stoics, along with one of my favorites, Memento Mori.

The idea is to not fight against the things that happen in life, whether for good or ill. The idea of this seems to frustrate me a bit, I guess an indicator of a weakness in myself I should examine.

As things arise, whether for good or for bad, they are not to be nessessarily fought against. Maybe struggled with to unfold a further transformation of the self. The struggle of initiation? Runa, the mystery of Reality and Life?

My weakness thus would be one of Control. The accepting of "fate" seems to be a "bend over and take it with a smile" approach. A weakness possibly born from sections of TSB where a Satanist doesn't sit back and just accept fate or God's hand in the matter. Positive thinking and Positive action leads to results. Old forms of emotive logic arise in my mind. If all is determined then it matters not what we do or don't do. The cold grip of existential crisis tightens and the saving grace of hedonistic enjoyment becomes more appealing. I see this alot in our current culture.

I guess this is what drew me away from both Buddhist dharma and Stoicism. Shit happens, it's all determined, we are all gonna die, pass me an ice cold Beer a good pizza and maybe I'll tell that girl at work how I feel about her lol

November 27, 2017, 06:26:39 pm
Re: Styxhexenhammer666 I only knew of Styx when he did an interview with an online youtube philosopher Stephan Molyneuex. If only Stephan knew of Styx's personal beliefs then he and Alex Jones wouldn't be accusing most political organizations of "Satanism." 

November 29, 2017, 02:51:13 pm
Re: What are you reading?
I am currently reading "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli which goes into detail on using Political Power correctly.

A modern alternative this, if you're interested, is The Occult Technology of Power.

I enjoy this little primer, have read it many times. Enjoy.

December 04, 2017, 08:13:39 am